Only An Excuse

Mind when Only an Excuse wasn't shite?

Hogmanay every year brings the usual moans about "Only an Excuse". The Beebs valiant attempt at tapping into the dark humour of Scottish Football fans has long since passed it's sell by date.

It wasn't always like that though. In it's very earliest days OAE was a radio broadcast which was made available for purchase on cassette only (google it!).

This was long before the internet age at a time when we only had 3 TV channels (yes, three). It was hugely popular, and very very funny.

In the interests of educating the youth of today and bringing back great memories for old gits like myself I've gathered together all these clips for you to enjoy below.

Some tremendous gags in here, including many that would never get past the PC brigade of today. Hope you enjoy listening to them here or you can use the button at the bottom of the page to download the lot in a zip file to enjoy offline any time.

Series 1 Part 1

Series 1 Part 2

Series 2 Part 1

Series 2 Part 2

World Cup Episode 1

World Cup Episode 2

World Cup Episode 3

World Cup Episode 4