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St. Johnstone FC
FT| St Johnstone 0-0 Aberdeen It’s another clean sheet for Callum Davidson’s men as St Johnstone stay unbeaten in 2021.
90’| SJFC 0-0 AFC Middleton almost nicks it for Saints with a late strike from 20 yards but Lewis saves well. #SJFCLive
90’| SJFC 0-0 AFC Two additional minutes to be played here in Perth. #SJFCLive
85’| SJFC 0-0 AFC Muzz robs Hedges of possession and surges forward before being brought down. The subsequent free kick finds Kerr whose looping header drops onto the roof of the net. #SJFCLive
81’| SJFC 0-0 AFC Wotherspoon flashes a volley wide as Saints hunt the opening goal. #SJFCLive
80’| SJFC 0-0 AFC Liam Gordon is booked for a bringing down Scott Wright, but the Perth team are unhappy as Conway appeared to be tripped moments before. #SJFCLive
79’| SUB OFF: Craig Conway ON: Glenn Middleton #SJFCLive
St. Johnstone FC
71’ | Substitution for Saints #SJFCLive
St. Johnstone FC
64’ | Substitution for Saints #SJFCLive
63’| SJFC 0-0 AFC Matty Kennedy almost find the net with a trademark curling strike but the effort is matched by Zander Clark. #SJFCLive
56’| SJFC 0-0 AFC Kane’s driven spin shot ricochets to Conway whose follow up from a tight angle is partied behind for a corner. #SJFCLive
51’| SJFC 0-0 AFC Relentless running from Kane sees the striker almost intercept a header back pass but Aberdeen are able to mop up. The Dons counter quickly and Bryson stretches to block a Cosgrove shot at the other end. #SJFCLive
46’| SJFC 0-0 AFC Murray Davidson gets the ball rolling for St Johnstone in this second half. #SJFCLive
St. Johnstone FC
📸 | First half action! #SJFCLive
Today’s 50:50 draw results 🥇 £255 - Catherine Scott #1004 🥈 Fleece Blanket - @dunbar1987 John Dunbar #10233 🥉 Multi crest scarf - @M90Saint Barry Gordon #10106 Thanks to all who entered #SJFClive
St. Johnstone FC
HT | St Johnstone 0-0 Aberdeen #SJFCLive
45’| SJFC 0-0 AFC Three additional minutes to be played in this first half. Both goalkeepers still to be troubled. #SJFCLive
35’| SJFC 0-0 AFC Saints break through O’Halloran who feeds Conway. A pinpoint cross returned to the number 11 was bulleted a whisker wide, much to Joe Lewis’s relief. #SJFCLive
32’| SJFC 0-0 AFC A well worked Saints free kick is headed from Kerr to Davidson to O’Halloran, but ultimately the attackers strike is deflected away from danger. #SJFCLive
31’| SJFC 0-0 AFC Jamie McCart puts his body on the line with an expert last ditch block to keep Ryan Hedges at bay after the Dons winger was picked out in the Saints box. #SJFCLive
29’| SJFC 0-0 AFC Kano is sent flying after a clumsy Dons challenge and the free kick is taken quickly, but Shaun Rooney’s blast from just outside the box is blocked. #SJFCLive
23’| SJFC 0-0 AFC Rooney takes a sore one after a Considine clip which sees the Aberdeen defender yellow carded. The resulting free kick is whipped in and Murray Davidson glances his header over the bar. #SJFCLive
22’| SJFC 0-0 AFC Zander Clark confidently clutches a Sam Cosgrove header from point blank range. #SJFCLive
19’| SJFC 0-0 AFC Tanser and Conway link well on the left but a menacing low cross fizzes just behind O’Halloran. #SJFCLive
10’| SJFC 0-0 AFC No clear cut chances yet but a perfectly timed Rooney slide thwarts a dangerous attack for the visiting team. #SJFCLive
6’| SJFC 0-0 AFC McCrorie returns to play but Hoban is replaced by Dean Campbell. #SJFCLive
3’| SJFC 0-0 AFC Early stoppage as McCrorie and Hoban go down with head knocks, the latter looking the more serious of the two. #SJFCLive
0’| SJFC 0-0 AFC The Dons get tonight’s match underway. #SJFCLive
The teams are out... COME ON YOU SAINTS!
St. Johnstone FC
👕 | Tonight's #SJFC line up to face @AberdeenFC 👇 #SJFCLive