Confusion in the wake of Scotland defeat shows chaos reigns at Scottish FA

Confusion in the wake of Scotland defeat shows chaos reigns at Scottish FA

We’re almost three weeks removed from one of the worst results in the history of the Scotland national team and it remains at the forefront of the Tartan Army’s minds.

The 3-0 thrashing away to Kazakhstan that confounded all bookmaker bonus codes was a scarring event in the psyche of Scotland fans. The kind of result that will be talked about in a generation as a low point of any individual’s Scotland supporting days.

Yet you’d be forgiven for thinking that the defeat has been swept under the carpet.

Last week we had assistant manager James McFadden claim it’s ‘business as usual’ in the media and this week we’ve had right-back Stephen O’Donnell absolving failing manager Alex McLeish of all blame for the slow car crash developing in front of our eyes.

In the immediate wake of the trip to Kazakhstan and San Marino, signs were positive that action from the Scottish FA would be taken with regard to the future of the national team.

The Daily Record reported that McLeish was set to be relieved of his duties and although it was not pleasant to hear his health might be suffering as a result of managerial pressures, fans at least hoped a constructive way forward could be found for all.

The paper said that SFA Chief Executive Ian Maxwell was pushing for the change which, unless you believe Keith Jackson makes stories up on the spot, points to the journalist being briefed by association insiders.

Yet it took less than a day for alternative reports to emerge suggesting that McLeish was not in threat of being sacked, again clearly sourced from within Hampden itself.

There is of course no reason to put all your trust in tabloid media but clearly something is afoot internally within the association that paints a picture of chaos.

If no decision is to be taken, why are senior journalists putting their reputation on the line to report the opposite. If a decision is to be taken, why are papers being briefed that no dramatic discussions are to be held?

Does the SFA even know what it’s doing? Your guess is as good as mine on that one. There’s a good chance there are different factions within that want different things, the kind of old school dinosaur nonsense that blights progress.

One thing cuts through amidst all the uncertainty though, there is no escaping that result in Kazakhstan and amongst supporters there is absolutely no faith in McLeish’s ability to take the country forward in qualifying.

The senior staff at Hampden need to get their act together and rescue the situation.