Three of the best away days Scottish football has to offer

Three of the best away days Scottish football has to offer

Without the fans, football is nothing. We’ve certainly become even more aware of that in recent times. Fans create an atmosphere, they can genuinely influence a result, and they’re essentially the lifeblood of all clubs, not just in Scotland.

From relatively smaller clubs like Airdrieonians to supporters of one of the giants of Scottish football, such as Celtic, we’re all the same, too. One of the things all supporters look forward to, in particular, is a memorable away day. Of course, we’ve all been on the end of a depressing thumping or have maybe even missed the fans’ coach back, but it’s all part and parcel of following your tribe around the country. Thankfully, in Scotland, the fan experience is still going strong too.

Compared to other offerings, particularly those across Europe, Scottish football has managed to avoid becoming a sanitised product. Although the competition in the Premier League might be stronger on the whole, it feels plastic to many of Scotland’s passionate fans. From the presence of selfie sticks to having the opportunity to be able to purchase half and half scarves, football south of the border certainly isn’t what it used to be.

Now, in 2023, a more pure game where fans are valued is a rarity. Thankfully, though, Scottish football’s soul is still largely intact. This is perhaps best showcased by some of the memorable away days that can be enjoyed throughout Scotland. With that in mind, let’s take a look at just three of the best away days Scottish football has to offer.

Elgin City - Borough Briggs

Although Scotland’s top flight features the best teams and players, attending a lower league game still has its merits. For example, you can meet the players after the match. Additionally, your money is genuinely making a difference to a smaller side, with many clubs relying on the local community for support. A place that most definitely values all supporters is at Elgin City, with the clubs’ Borough Briggs home providing a warm and welcoming environment for all football fans. With volunteers helping to run things at the club, it’s a totally different experience to visiting Stamford Bridge and essentially endorsing Todd Boehly’s farcical ownership of Chelsea. Instead, you’re able to purchase local food at a good price, you can stand if you’d prefer, the football isn’t too bad either, and there are some lovely local pubs to frequent for a post-match pint. Overall, in terms of providing an authentic Scottish football viewing experience, Elgin City is a great option.

Rangers - Ibrox

Celtic are sitting pretty at the top of Scottish football at the moment, so we’re going to give Rangers some serious attention instead. While the Ibrox faithful doesn’t take too kindly to fans of other clubs, you’ll be in for a treat if you manage to keep your club allegiances under wraps. A stadium packed full of energy and behind some of the most memorable football occasions over the years, Rangers’ home is well worth a visit. From the piercing roar as the players take to the pitch to the post-match celebrations everywhere should Rangers manage to secure the win, a visit to one of the biggest and best stadiums in Scotland is recommended. You won’t see a selfie stick anywhere either.

Montrose - Links Park

Back to the smaller sides who need our support more than ever before, with Montrose offering a fantastic day out for football fans. If your nan’s place was a football away day, it would most definitely be here, as the strong community feel and friendly vibe helps add to one of the most charming clubs in the country. Tickets aren’t too expensive either, the food on offer is reasonably priced, it’s packed full of local people who adore their club, and it’s a lovely stadium where fans are treated properly. As far as away days go, be sure to get yourself down to Links Park should you fancy taking in a game or your beloved side ever comes up against Montrose. You won’t regret it, unless your team gets battered 5-0, of course.