Things to do when there's no football on

Things to do when there's no football on

Play it yourself

Over the past decade or so, the emergence of 3G and 4G pitches has slowly led to the increase in participation in 5-a-side football leagues. This small-sided version of the game generally less time consuming than the traditional Saturday and Sunday 11-a-side, and is more compatible with modern working patterns.

Most towns and cities contain football centres and offer competitive leagues for groups of all abilities, and they are usually stocked with good facilities, providing an excellent place to keep active and enjoy a weekly kickabout with your friends or work colleagues.

Manage your fantasy team

Fantasy football sites such as FPL are increasingly popular around the world, with millions taking part each year. Games such as this keep the excitement going throughout the week ahead of each round of fixtures.

What’s more, these games are an excellent way to add an extra dimension of interest to the English Premier League, even if your team doesn’t compete in it. The constant maintenance required to ensure your teams success can be highly stimulating and can provide great banter in the workplace or drinking pals.

Most people set up their own private leagues and invite friends to join. You and your friends then have the option to decide whether to play for money, or simply just compete for the bragging rights that come with finishing top of your league.

Play online casino games

If you want to completely shut yourself off from football from time to time and enjoy something else, online casino games are an excellent source of stimulation - you may also get lucky and win a cash prize or two.

Sites such as offer excellent expert advice on which online casinos to play, as well as added information about bonuses and other features.

The popularity of online casinos continues to grow, as developers continue to strive to create new and innovative games to keep players gripped for as long as possible. The constant swelling of the market also means that online casinos are becoming more and more generous with their offers and welcome bonuses, meaning you’ll be well rewarded if you decide to create an account.

However, as with all forms of gambling, it’s important to bet responsibly and know your limits.

Play online video games

Online video games such as FIFA can be just as stimulating as watching or playing real football, as it says here Their incredible graphics and constantly evolving gameplay ensure a thrilling experience for players.

Of course, when playing FIFA on a games console, you have the option to test yourself online against opponents from across the globe, providing hours of fun.

Keen gamers will be waiting in anticipation of the latest edition of the game, which is due to be released at the end of next month, and features both the Champions League and Europa League for the first time ever, after EA Sports successfully won the rights previously held by rivals Konami.