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  2. Hiya BonniePrinceCharlie, hiya pal! Aye, I'm pure seething likes. Red dots are my only weakness.
  3. What's left of the East Region is considered to be split between the Highland and Lowland League. The Lowland League AGM (whenever that will be) is meant to have a vote on whether or not to change the boundary between the Highland and Lowland League for the purposes of the SPFL playoff. If they vote to allow the change in favour of the change to benefit the likes of Brechin City, then you could well see the East Region apply en masse to the EoSFL. If the Lowland League retain the existing boundary. It will likely see the trickle of Southern clubs from the East Region apply to the EoSFL, with those Northern left uncertain of what to do.
  4. They're both at fault. She shouldn't be waddling about belting police officers and he shouldn't have lamped her, her head must've took some whack off the ground. I get that the officer was hyped up/maybe even panicking but if they can't deal with that then they shouldn't be in the job.
  5. ‘Budge Amongst The Birds’, it’s just a title. Opening sequence is Ann Budge in Trafalgar Square, feeding the birds, going ‘Oh God!’
  6. Same stuff. Once folk have been winning and losing, only the very disciplined will maintain the same playing strategy if they make a big loss. This is where he makes his dough, when folk start betting with rubbish hands to try to reverse a previous loss. Given he's probably taken the shirts off the backs of many gambling addicts it's not something I could do, but he does live in a very nice house.
  7. Best thing to happen for Scotland for years
  8. Don't remember that and they are among the few I didn't get to see. Great band though and the later stuff is good too.
  9. Relive one of the most famous nights in Raith Rovers history with this full 90 minute replay of their UEFA Cup 2nd round tie against Bayern Munich at the Olympiastadion.

    FIFA 20

    Couldn’t believe it when I clicked it open. Terrible
  11. An officer would have the right to defend himself or restrain her to prevent harm to a colleague. But the force used would have to be proportionate to the risk posed. He could have very easily tried to restrain her. They had the numbers and the officer who struck her was unsighted by her. A punch to a face is a pretty serious and risky option. You lose any control over how they land, they can strike their heads and die, you risk escalating the situation and possibly getting other involved in a fist fight to defend the woman, its just terrible policing.
  12. We now live in a world where Neal Doncaster is ripping the pish out of someone. Fucking hell. He's been ripping the pish out of everyone for years.
  13. Sounds interesting, certainly the east coast's sunshine would make it the sensible place to put it. Would certainly take the bairn if it was built here.
  14. Wow, that’s a blast from the past, think they may have supported Stiff Little Fingers at Glasgow Apollo 79 ish?[emoji848]
  15. Oh silly you! You’ve misunderstood! Obviously I’ve met Tynie a few times. The previous post was just an observation.
  16. Lots of Rangers supporters responding to this without mentioning Manchester.
  17. There's still the issue of whether the north section (minus Scone and Tayport) falls under the HL or LL to deal with, so probably not.
  18. I don't get online poker. I understand that the folk who get good at it IRL are essentially playing the man, not the cards, but I don't get how that works when you can't even see the other people.
  19. Was living in Barcelona during the 2017 kerfuffle but avoided it like the plague. My girlfriend at the time's cousin got a decent shiner off the Guardia Civil though
  20. Finished The Last Dance. Absolutely great show. Loved it. Agree with those who say that Jordan didn't really do much, if anything, wrong. The guy was just insanely driven and held himself to exceptional standards and absolutely would not stand less from is team mates. His commitment was incredible, as was his talent. If you look at the very top players in any sport, they all have amazing talent but are also the hardest workers (Cristiano Ronaldo is a great example from a different sport, likewise Murray/Nadal/Federer/Djokovic). It's why he accepted Rodman's amusing pish, because Rodman worked as hard as anyone when it mattered. Likewise he could see why guys like Steve Kerr, John Paxson and Bill Wennington were key parts of the team, despite not being the most naturally gifted. They all worked as hard as anyone and filled a role, and once Jordan was finally smartened up that he couldn't do it all alone, he got that and appreciated them. But when you saw guys not taking it as seriously as he did, or not applying themselves fully, he was right on them, and wouldn't let up until the player smartened the f**k up. I can imagine that quite a few players were punted for not applying themselves to the highest standards. Loved the shot of Jordan scoring. When he dunked he flew through the air, but he took a jump shot he seemed to hover. Some of the still of him mid flight are astonishing and are not only among the best shots in sport, but are works of art up there with the likes of Picasso, Monet, Rembrandt, Dali, Gaugin etc. At his finest that's what Jordan was, an absolute artist. His skill level was phenomenal. The stuff he could do in the air, like faking a shot and moving the ball between his hands, is insane when you consider how little time he has to do it. Try it yourself. Jump and try to move the ball around like he does. Consider that he's not just jumping, he's aiming his shot as well. It's insane. That level of speed and skill is mental. Another thing I loved was teams, not just the Bulls, winning games with 1 and a bit seconds left from a time out, or even less. Crazy to move with that speed and achieve that accuracy, all under intense pressure. It must have been difficult being the most famous guy in the world, but I think Jordan handled it pretty well. He seemed genuinely nice with fans, and seemed like a decent guy with his friends, and also respected his opponents. He had an awful time from the press. The insinuations around his father's death were horrific, genuinely dreadful scumbag stuff. That Asian-American reporter seemed particularly smug in trying to make such smears stick. Horrible. Jerry Krause, as noted, is an awful wee chodbin. The guy was openly despised by Jordan and others, and no wonder. He actually thought he was as responsible for the Bulls' success as the players and coach. This was quickly shown to be pish once he made the ludicrous decision to serve Jackson his notice and break up the team. The Bulls haven't won an NBA title since. In fact they haven't even been in a final since. Jackson went on to win 5 NBA titles, and his team was also the losing finalist twice. In fact in the 11 seasons since leaving the Bulls, his team (Lakers) made the semi finals at the very least every single time save twice. The team were aging, but to break them all up at the same time was madness, and was clearly some sort of nonsense power play by Krause to try and prove that he was responsible for the success of the Bulls. They should have kept Jackson and phased players out whilst at the same time bringing in new guys and grooming them to become the successors. There was plenty of talent around and I'm sure they would have had little issues trading for them. Would have liked to see a last episode about Jordan post Bulls. Space Jam was a great movie. Last point; what a soundtrack! Absolutely cracking!
  21. I'll be driving so no chance, sadly. I'll get the missus' to on my behalf though.
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