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  2. No it does not. What is the point in waiting if it's done? Tinpot media team.
  3. Surprised it's a two year deal but pleased with that.
  4. Gala Fairydean Rovers / Netherdale blog

    That’s class from a poster who also joined at the weekend [emoji23]
  5. Jed Steer

    He should've called him Scotland.
  6. Pyramid 2019/2020

    There will come a point, towards the end of next season, where the WRJFA will enter for 2020-21 without the other two regions following (it could/should have happened for next season), or moves will have started to form a WoSFL. Once that happens, I can see the LL opening up to two relegation spots which effectively hands promotion to both EoS and WRJFA/WoS Champions - if Licenced of course......
  7. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Robertson as well I believe? Disappointed with Kirky leaving. Thought he had another year left on his deal. I know he didn’t get much game time but he’s a cracking option to have and for the market we’re in, don’t think we can get much better. You saw the impact he can have with little time in his last minute goals last season!
  8. Next Scotland Manager

    Iceland have a better tournament record than Scotland yet have a smaller population than Edinburgh. I would say that's impressive.
  9. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    2 good signings there. No sure about Docherty but always been a big fan of Kirkpatrick
  10. Game of Thrones

    As shite as the last season has been the ending for the characters and where the ended up was really fitting. I called brann ending up on the throne a few weeks back in a post. The way they've went about putting people into these positions was actually really clever just a bit of a poor ending.
  11. Calling Cards of Morons

    Wearing jeans that have ridden down so as to expose a large part of the boxers. Often with a plastic bottle of Irn Bru or suchlike in the back pocket of the jeans
  12. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    For me Baxter. Andy Rolland was supposed to have been some player.
  13. 2019 Evening Times Cup

    thanks for the info everyone; appreciated
  14. I know this tactic has failed time and time again for McInnes, but the availability of Ryan Gauld, despite him not really impressing at Hibs, gets me quite excited. I never learn...
  15. Ta da. As if by magic here comes 1 now
  16. Next Scotland Manager

    Iceland's results in the last 18 months read as follows: Played 15. Won 1 Drew 6 Lost 8 Still absolute delusion that Clarke could do as well as Iceland.......
  17. The Arbroath Thread

    Is Whately signed up yet? I’m concerned we won’t be able to sell out Ladies day next season if he isn’t
  18. Pyramid 2019/2020

    To be honest, I’ve not seen too much disappointment this season at their being no Junior Cup. It really is only relevant to those clubs who were in with a chance of reaching the latter stages, to most others it was a chance of a good day out somewhere different (and there has been plenty of that this season anyway) but little else, it certainly was hit or miss whether a run made you or cost you money. In time maybe there will be a national non-league trophy for everyone to compete for. Look at what the FA do with Non League Finals day at Wembley. In Scotland you could have the Scottish Amateur Final and the “SFA Trophy Final” at Hampden on the same day, it would soon gain traction. Personally I have not missed the Junior Cup in any way, shape or form but appreciate that others may still do. However, I think it should be consigned to the history books along with Junior football.
  19. 2019 Evening Times Cup

    The evening times cup will not be played this year
  20. Jed Steer

    Nope. Vast majority of national football teams represent independent nation states, so they just say that if you're a citizen then you're eligible. FIFA have a rule on top of this that require people to live for five years in their "new" country before playing internationally. Different nation states have different citizenship rules. Most states allow people to become citizens by naturalisation, so that's how you sometimes get Brazilians turning out for Qatar, UAE, etc. Some allow people with grandparents born there to become citizens (e.g. Ireland), others don't.
  21. 2019 Evening Times Cup

    It's being held next season, when there are suitable dates in the fixture calendar. Auchinleck Talbot, Rutherglen Glencairn, Gartcairn and Lanark United.
  22. Donaldson is excellent. Is there anybody you do want? Blair Alston would an incredibly meh signing, but again not a guy you’d expect to start if everyone is fit.
  23. Pyramid 2019/2020

    That was not long ago Gordon but now not so convinced it is the be all and end all,the junior cup final didn't break 5000 spectators last season. Played in Ayrshire,with 2 Ayrshire sides competing. I know in my town there is a lot of apathy to the junior team now.
  24. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Seems unlikely given he'd command a fee.
  25. Pyramid 2019/2020

    My fevered dream, of the type that people post on the 'if you could start from scratch' forum, is one season of three conferences made up of the Lowland League, the EoS Premier and the West Superleague, to form a LL, EoSL and WoSL in a single leap. That's obviously pretty disrespectful to many LL but there's no doubt that for some it's just a matter of time before they're hauled into the EoS Premier, and a few will likely do back-to-back relegations. We'd get everything sorted in one year and the LL that would be formed would be a cracking league.
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