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  2. things that are most disappointing

    Well, pics or GTF.
  3. Hibs v Celtc, Easter Sunday

    You mean there isn't a dogzilla?
  4. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Haha been waiting a while for that one , craigmark must be looking over their shoulder and worrying now
  5. The Albion Rovers Thread

    We are ahead of berwick without the 3-0 award now, Harper has worked wonders even if it took a while to click, not safe yet, hopefully secure it next week Our 5-0 over them today helped too...
  6. They way he got rid of the dross (and there was plenty) in January, gives him credit with me. He has made a few dodgy signings himself but the signings of Ando, Cardo and Skippy (especially) has changed our season. If we stay up, keep a few of these guys, especially Skippy, add a few decent players and get Tam O’Ware back, fully fit I think things will be a lot better next season. Jacqui Lowe at POTY last night made it pretty clear that Caldwell and Kerr have the full backing of the board and they expect the club to kick on next season IF we stay up!
  7. Today
  8. Think you have been out in the sun too long, Chicken!!
  9. Im_Rodger

    rodge - come home
  10. Coupon Bursters

    The usual 1 team would have been a fair return as well.
  11. Boxing Thread

    Always thought she was an Irish fighter ........ dual passport ?
  12. New kits for 19/20 (Celtic shirt leaked)

    Agree they are horrible. Had to take a 2nd look at the sponsor(to make sure it was not a tyre company) as it looks like someone has driven down the middle of the shirts That was my first thought as well. Either way I sorta get what they are trying to do with the honeycomb thing (bees etc..) but it just looks like a tyre ad.
  13. West Region League 2 2018/19

    Followed this league this year and took in a lot of random games, and I have to say when you look back on record the poor start that Lanark and Lesmahagow had and players they have went through to find their best team. If they didn’t go through a big change in personal in player wise at the start both team would have easily went through the full season not lost at all, it’s a very very poor league, Ashfield started off well and fell away still very poor. Muirkirk young side very poor, vale of leven very poor, Carluke have a lot of older and experience players very poor vale of Clyde hot and cold, ardeer have had off the field problems. Newmains are doing stuff positive off the field, still poor. Forth have a poor team, there old manager is telling on the team massive miss. Saltcoats are the worse team I’ve seen. Thorniewood have a decent squad, but feel like there result against Lanark have let there new management team down, the coach who ran on the field and kick the ball away, that led to the Lanark free kick would have been sacked if I was manger, disgrace probably cost them the 3rd place spot. Next year my prediction is Lanark will finish mid table, and same with Lesmahagow, my reason is both teams have not played against decent teams every week to test them, one off games in cups is any mans game doesn’t matter what league they are in. it’s all about constantly winning games. Which they have in the worse league in junior football. Both teams have a higher budget more than the 10 other teams and most of the league above that I’ve heard.
  14. Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

    I acknowledge this is totally steaming Steelmen Online-esque could do a job talk, but I wonder if we'd take Jamie Murphy in summer. He'll probably be behind Candeias, Jones + several others (possibly Hastie, Kent etc) whereas we're losing literally all our wingers and strikers. Assume he's looking to stay in Scotland too given he's just moved up. f**k getting a player fit for Rangers though.
  15. Was the 79-80 season. We played 3 times... 2 draws and 1 win. Same season we also played the shire 3 times.... 1 win 2 defeats... the shire were promoted along with us.
  16. Im_Rodger

    Rodger is the only Tory I can tolerate, bring him home.
  17. The Falkirk FC Thread

    There's a few Falkirk fans in my family so it's a shame to see our landlord's having a bad time. I think McKinnon should get a 2nd chance as he inherited Hartley's mess. He tried to revamp things during the January transfer window but really should get the summer to overhaul things. If you go down then he MUST get you back up at the 1st attempt. If you stay up then he MUST be targeting promotion. If you go down though, and Stenny find a way to stay up in League 1 there'll be a local derby in the league. When was the last time Stenny and Falkirk were in the same division? Must have been a while ago...
  18. Im_Rodger

    The request has been approved.
  19. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Question.... Does Danny rest players at Cowdenbeath? Pre the hectic p/off schedule. Or do we just f**k it and take the winning momentum and go with it?
  20. Falkirk v Morton

    Has there been a game we wanted it more ? We havent been able to pass the ball to players in our team or have some sort of tactical work out how we attack, other than punt the ball high and long, we seriously have got what we deserve due to this, that said if we had players to suit this long ball tactic to one and win, then ok.....but long balls to solo striker Rudden who actually won us more points than anyone, then same to Jarvis, who wont make it for me, Todorov today was isolated so much and albeit he he had a poor game today and is average at best, he still is above Jarvis for me. Overall, Hartley is to blame to a point, but Ray has got us relegated due to him sticking a cork up his ass approach to football When you punt long balls to one striker for 60mins, he will have a decent game, you need two strikers to get about him and win break off balls and balls on the deck. Buchanan can handle himself in the air, which is his strength, no surprise he had a decent game with how we play tbh Didnt have to pay off Hartley with the clause we had in his contract. I said from day one, McKinnon is a safe pair of hands, but he is quite defensive. My tune changed as he played various formations, but his downfall has been this so called 4-3-3 formation which really today was 7-2-1. Safety first is his mantra, if/when we go down.....I am when camp........I want him sacked as he has failed. Morton have played a blinder in getting a five figure sum from us recently as they may have got a packet of chewits and a milky way if it was concluded post this season
  21. Clyde v Berwick

    Some nice play at times in a game where the gulf in quality was crystal clear to see. Clyde solid throughout and again different scorers must be pleasing for Danny. As for Berwick? Don't think Clyde were particularly at it in the first 45. I would presume the reason Harvey is still at the helm is due to a lack of money to replace/pay up his contract. However the team is so bad I don't know who could turn that today into something of substance. On today's viewing I can't imagine Berwick hitting the ground running in the LL next season. £12 entry? Lolz
  22. Montrose v Airdrie onions

    Harrington played really well at centre half I thought he had a brilliant game as well.All in all great result for us.COYM
  23. Rugby - Union And League

    All ready have tickets for both just need Leinster to get beat to get two ideal finals No need to show off
  24. Ross County v Queens

    De ligt has Tom Grivosti posters in his bedroom
  25. MLB 2018

    Just get Keuchel in ffs. And get Vargas in the bin.
  26. He likes to dish it out but does his shitebag disappearing act when things don't go his way. Quite amusing really.
  27. I know, I only count upwards I can’t bear to look at what a loss here and on Saturday would leave us in. We have the squad on a good day to look upwards, if only the players had my belief.
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