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  2. You need a phone line, but have a phone plugged in to receive nuisance calls on? f**k that. If anyone needs to contact me, they’ll try my mobile - I don’t know my house number so I’ve certainly never given it to anyone
  3. Robert Thomson also suggests Drey Wright was earning above the squad average... ... while ranting about him not getting a new contract. He simultaneously talks about how expensive the Covid testing will be that they require to start the new season. The suggestion that it was a mistake Wright was let go, and his "stats dont matter because he was finding form after his injury" falls down when you realise he spent as much time injured with us as on the pitch. He was just as likely to pick up a season ending injury as find season defining form if he got a new deal.
  4. I’d almost certainly say to get some second hand stuff off eBay, some great deals going round on 3-5 year old gear that will be fine for what you need to begin with. Basically everything I’ve read and seen shows that the improvement for a beginner to average player on new equipment compared to that from around 2015-16 is minimal. the only advantage of new clubs - as I mentioned a couple of posts back - is being able to get fit. However , If you were going to invest £2,000 on clubs and getting fitted. Id say to use that money book a block of lessons with a pro and a second hand set to begin with, and your money will be far better invested in improving your game, than buying expensive brand new clubs. 10 lessons with a decent pro would set you back say £400 your fundamentals will be set and they should be able to build you a pretty solid swing and setup to move forward with - more so than a £2,000 brand new set of clubs.
  5. Machine Gun Fellatio - Rollercoaster
  6. Polling suggests even Trump's own base think this is a bit much
  7. The staunch bikes of falkirk go in the union canal
  8. You should take pride in your appearance. Have some self respect man.
  9. Don't think Lawless had glowing reviews from them either when he signed for us, but you're right, it isn't looking too good for Rafa since his bad injury. Can only hope he can get back to his normal self after a pre season under his belt.
  10. This wee guy smacked into our front window this morning but seems to be coming round. Thinking it's a juvenile greenfinch? Will give it a wee while before punting back outside as the resident magpie family are hanging about.
  11. Does this also apply to the Forth and Clyde?
  12. True enough, but the point was to keep people from starving or losing their home/car/etc., and an out of contract player.... It’s a difficult situation, for sure. The honorable thing is the previous club to extend the contact and furlough...but some clubs have legal advise against that. The footballers out of contract now are just screwed.
  13. You can update me to 2 granddaughters now. And if you count them, I CERTAINLY do, 3 stepdaughters
  14. Just as an example of the protective power dungcaster puts into tv contracts. the last game that never was, was changed to a Friday night at short notice for the cameras. Not a problem of Aberdeen’s making but many Jambos would have had the train booked & possibly accommodation for the original date.
  15. Touché. The 2nd amendment nut jobs probably hate the protesters and love the National Guard cracking some Lib heads.
  16. Litter pisses me off. I walked up Ben Nevis a couple of years ago and I was astonished at the amount of rubbish lying around at the top. Some of it had been hidden under stones. There was even an empty Buckfast bottle placed carefully on top of one of the cairns. No doubt some weegie with their tedious "wha's like us" patter. I live quite close to a secondary school and the kids make a right fucking mess at lunchtime. They must thinking dropping a crisp packet makes them cool and rebellious.
  17. I don't go to McDonald's. But there's thousands of parents who take their kids regularly, often as a treat. Hence, the long queues upon them reopening.
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