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  2. Jeremy Kyle taken off air

    The other sort of programmes that 'banter queen' watches and that exploits individuals with issues is the constant plethora of benefit series on C5. Lets be entertained by people struggling worse off than ourself. Lets worry about the tax credit and child benefit that a single mum in Skegness gets (It's often an english coastal town they are filmed in) rather than say the £100M that the government handed to British Steel in April to keep it going and if it doesn't hand over between £30-75M by tonight the private owners are going to shut it down. Let's look down at and upon the less fortunate whilst above us the Govt and business are spending often squandering appalling amounts of money.
  3. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    This suggests he signed a deal until the end of 2019/20 http://www.alloaathletic.co.uk/GalleryBrowse.aspx?pageid=5&mid=29&pagenumber29=5 If that is the case he can't just leave for more money. He may well be earning more at Forfar but Goodwin must have been happy to rip up his contract and let him leave. Unless of course the information on that link above isn't accurate.
  4. Shaun Byrne did next to nothing in a Pars shirt. Craigen has also done nothing of note apart from filling the gaps when there were injuries and being a consistent performer without being anything special. We can get better with the wage he'd be on.
  5. Game of Thrones

    It's quite amusing seeing the reactions of the far left brigade now the two Westerosi heads of state are a girl and a cripple. Apparently when Daenerys burnt King's Landing it was part of a calculated plan by the writers to denigrate the underprivileged.
  6. All things Dundee FC

    Aye, but it's us, so it's probably not.
  7. The guy obviously has autism or something. I know its painful though lol.
  8. If you manage to figure it out, send some sort of Rosetta Stone back down so we can understand as well
  9. The Cricket Thread

    Dawson a wee bit of a surprise as he didn't play in any if the warm up games, but they obviously felt a proper back up spinner was needed instead of relying on part timers like Root or Denly.
  10. Next Scotland Manager

  11. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Maybe we are planning to be part-time?
  12. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    ^^^ Kelty fan found
  13. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    Docherty was always a far better central midfielder than left back when he was with us, I believe it was the same when he was at Alloa.
  14. Aye, trying to decipher his nonsense has fair cheered me up.
  15. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    I thought that too so double checked and yeah, he did. No doubt some mutual agreement between the clubs similar to the way we were able to sign him from Saints. However, never a good thing when a team in the league below is offering more moneys!
  16. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    We’ll give them £10k. Job done. Mystery benefactor.
  17. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Oh well should have their signing news tonight then *cough* No 6 months *cough* I had to check whether I had jumped the gun I'm sure I just put permanent deal. Okay yeah was on the website, wrongly.
  18. All things Dundee FC

    I would be quite happy with Kerr at Tannadice. Looks a good player but perhaps needs a fresh start.
  19. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Unless the SFA changes its rules again in the middle of the assessment period because they don't want too many new members threatening the old guard. In that case the apposite facilities still won't be apposite enough.
  20. All things Dundee FC

    Just had a look : "The player has a relegation release clause in his contract at Dens and will trigger it in a bid to force a move." Bugger.
  21. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    With respect even if he was a free agent he's not going to pack in a good job and part time football for the worst full time team in Scotland at 31 years old. Still baffles me Raith remain full time to get the worst out there rather than the better part time players.
  22. The Wrestling Thread

    No idea. Whatever it is will be too much for me to even think about. That said, they can't NOT charge good money. For a production the size of what WWE put on, especially for a TV taping, it's pretty inevitable that the tickets are going to be costly.
  23. St Roch's v cumbernauld

    How many times you saw Eddie for the candy this season ? From the day he arrived up to the Scottish cup tie with largs he was absolutely brilliant
  24. It’s livi so probably Neil Mcann or some shite like that
  25. Karamoko Dembele

    People are seriously saying we should be calling up a 16 year old who has played 45 mins of professional football.
  26. The East Fife Thread

    Good dressing room character, wont miss him much on the pitch in my opinion
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