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  2. The reason he wasn’t offered the same deal is because he wasn’t worth it.
  3. That's part of the point though. Just because they were last reviewed in June 2019, does not mean they get reviewed again on June 2020.
  4. I've seen some spectacular bullshit on P&B before, but this. Three police officers standing idly by failing to intervene while watching their colleague kill a handcuffed man by pinning him to the ground with a knee into his neck for 9 minutes is literally the same thing as criticising the human rights abuses of a western democracy without having pointed out the human rights abuses of every regime guilty of them in the world. You're a lunatic.
  5. Georgie Fame - The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde
  6. High earning, under performing winger with serious injury problems isnt offered a deal that sees him as one of the top earners. Let the meltdowns commence.
  7. No, far too elaborate. “Aye, I made an arse of it” would have been better. Thankfully not I phrase I will ever need to resort to.
  8. Not a clue. Going by the context I assume a band name or the name of a publication.
  9. Yes, you are right. It is Apollo 17. Just a warning in case somebody thinks this sounds interesting but buys a DVD for Apollo 18 instead!
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  11. ^^^ Met Kenny Rogers on a train bound for nowhere once.
  12. that would make sense. Trump's OTT tweets praising the Secret Service as well as his laughable/unhinged description of what awaited any protestors who got over the White House gates (amongst other things, ferocious dogs that would eat you alive or something like that), just smacked of someone incredibly fearful for his own safety and panicking. A brave leader.
  13. Any changes must be put forward to the league by a certain date. The league then decide if it's a viable option and if so then they put it to a vote by the member clubs. That's only if the executive committee deem the change as a reasonable option. Just because someone suggests a change doesn't automatically mean that it will get put to a vote by the member clubs. When the restructuring of 2a/2b was brought in, I know some of the suggested league restructuring ideas weren't put to a vote cause the league said it wouldn't work. I think (I could be wrong) that one of those was a 14 team premier but because the premier teams are likely to go further in cups than the lower leagues, it was deemed too many league games to fit into the season
  14. A newscaster tonight said that on Saturday night the secret service goons took trump to a locked bunker for an hour as they feared they had lost control outside. I got way too much of a thrill from hearing this.
  15. Not convinced he'll be a massive loss. Good enough to watch and I'd probably have preferred him to stay but in terms of actual productivity he wasn't all that. More maligned players have given us more in the period he's been at Saints. I think I agree with this! Since he came back from injury I thought he flattered to deceive, his crossing was often brutal but he always put in a good shift and would have been useful for next year. Saints offered him a reduced deal a while back which he turned down, they have probably reduced it even further in the current climate and I can understand why he has turned it down. But, I can also understand the reasoning from Saints (at this time, not when it was supposedly first offered).
  16. There was daytime looting of high end shops. It's nothing to do with George Floyd anymore. It's a bunch of people stealing shit.
  17. Saigon Raider

    FIFA 20

    I finished on 14 wins with two games left. Was always slightly ahead of the count but I got the fear when I dropped from 12-9 to 13-14. It seems like I am on my own here but I really enjoyed it this weekend - pretty much every game was close (I got beaten 1-7 and 0-8 last week after winning 5 in a row!) and only the very last guy celebrated, watched replays etc. That was glorious as I was 2-1 down with 8 minutes left even though I had been battering him, 2 goals with the last in 93 minutes...I may have let that one run through to kick off! There are too many people on 1, drop back but I felt my team was much better this weekend. Militao is a monster, can't believe I doubted him and Veron and Blanc protect my defence so well. Just looking for a supersub to bring on either wing - might look at Rafa or maybe complete Pedro from the objectives.
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