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  2. Jelle's Marble Runs is one that I find quite entertaining.
  3. Will need to ask around but I’m sure his daughter was Club physio a number of years ago.
  4. Gerald Elbowdent

    FIFA 20

    I'll going with this to give Depay a run out. Suspect he'll be just as frustrating and ultimately unusable as every other 3* wf in this game, but we live in hope.
  5. It’s a joke tbh. By Aug it’s looking like we’ll have no deaths or new cases, yet punters from lower league teams can’t go and stand on the terraces and “socially distance”. The killie light show in late Oct/Nov was cancelled a few weeks ago. It seems that we won’t be able to go to events until either a vaccine is “found” or after Jan 1st 2021 - new year, new logic 🙄
  6. I honestly dont know, but if that happens because the league body of which we are a member couldnt supply us with league fixtures or because they acted to help two league and fucked the rest off I think would have every right to get the pitchfork out. The SPFL have been shouting the odds about how they would punish teams unable to fulfill their fixtures. Wheres our recourse for asking for fixtures and being told no. I just dont think it's right that the current league structure is somehow sacrosanct to the point that a league club is saying they are ready and able to play football and they are being told no because of where you were positioned when we shut down the league. Its easy for fans to come on here and give it the "if Falkirk wanted higher league football they should have earned it" type attitudes (not accusing you of this) but evidently also easy to forget that we dodnt get the opportunity to earn it when it was looking like probably at worst a 50/50 shot, and also easy to forget that most if us have been fans of this club since we were wee and like many other fans, are faced with being told to just sit on our hands for a totally unknown period with no idea what's left at the end of it. More clubs playing in Scotland asap is in the interests of everyone at our level IMO If you want to maintain the league structure resembling what it is.
  7. So, it's not just "one season" we need to show flexibility, you want permanently promoted.
  8. No point worrying, you're going to get a puncture at some point. Make sure you carry a spare tube. If its still bothering you look at getting a tubeless set up and if you get a puncture it'll repair itself and chances are you wont even notice.
  9. Most players will play not all but most. Fans especially non league fans are most 50 /60 plu thats deeply concerning some will sadly have passed on through this, some will sadly be health wise effected by this negatively to the point where it will stop them doing things like going to the football, some will air on caution and leave it for a while and may never return. This pandemic has set back non league football for years sorry to say and will take a long time for it to recover which hopefully it will.
  10. I’m not sure how i feel about takeaway pints. Just go to the shop, get a few cans and youll save money
  11. Even though my very early years were our good ones, pretty much everyone at Primary school was a Rangers fan. There were only a couple of Celtic fans and then we were an afterthought. Disheartening given we were the best we'd ever been.
  12. Potentially when negotiating with SKY a proposal could have been put forward that if the top division was reconstructed to 14 teams(either saving Hearts and promoting Inverness or promoting Inverness and Dundee) it would generate more derbies which Sky could pick up as extra games to take instead of receiving the refund for the games not played in 2019/20[essentially, picking up X amount of extra games for £300,000(if reports are to be believed) extra a year]. The five year reconstruction would last the exact length of the new SKY TV deal - which would maybe explain why the language has changed from Doncaster to members. Keeping this money in the game could be spun to be "for the overall good of Scottish football" as everyone earns, a tiny amount, more.
  13. Remind me again who sponsors Kilmarnock? . There is no denying the pie man has been good for Darvel but he does insist that the club will be able to stand on its own feet and the way things are going off the park they are certainly heading in the right direction
  14. Great, free stream for ibrox then, f**k paying these inbreds.
  15. They've broken their record biggest defeat twice in their last 5 games. 58-0 to Parra at the end of last year which is the biggest ever finals defeat.
  16. Lyons is mainly a winger, so I imagine he’ll be a regular, but not in the striking position. For all we know, Mansell May have a relegation clause, and although I think as a 3rd choice, he’d be okay at that level, I wouldn’t be bothered if he went. Mansell may have more “potential” but I’d rather Doolan over him (as a backup) in League 1 and even if we were still in the Championship. He’s rarely looked like a footballer to me, and I feel it was quite obvious McCall completely doesn’t rate him.
  17. Yeah the guy who serviced the bike inflated the tyres to their max and on the roads it’s really bouncy. I’m paranoid I’m going to get a puncture as the roads here aren’t exactly smooth and they’re full of pot holes or loose stones. I feel I can’t enjoy the cycle fully because of worry
  18. Spey Lounge has started doing takeaway pints resulting in a few dozen 50-70 year olds being dispersed from outside the kids soft play building opposite it on Monday.
  19. Should've been on mind just now, 2 weeks of fishing in the western isles (mainly the uists/benbecula) plus a few stops on the way up and back doon. Hopefully I can get away in the autumn. Insert Kenneth Williams pic.
  20. This is all encouraging but what is concerning is the big whiff and bandwagon jumping going on here. Massive shortage of committed players at this age , teams were folding left right and centre and i'm almost certain after an initial burst many teams will go this way as the committed players or half decent quality or even of poor quality aren't there which has been shown in the last ten years. Add to that no games for months any boys committing now mean nothing as in months time practically some are inevitably not going follow up on this. Much of on this looks good on paper but practically much of it doesn't add up which in my opinion will be exposed in time especially post pandemic.
  21. Suspect it's possibly the 20s who have all gone. The only thing that would make sense.
  22. Nah, his ignorance and idiocy makes for great entertainment. interestingly enough, the guy responsible for the post was a prominent poster on here during the early years.
  23. It's the done thing to pish in someone else's tub when they're not looking. The new normal.
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