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  2. Sneaky Trevor backing Government policy while pretending to be common sense populist man of the people what do the experts know truth sayer. That's Government policy, take control of the epidemic and step by step open the economy back up. The Government health official yesterday didn't say keep the lock down for 6 months, just that some precautions might have to be kept for that long. Folk will be screaming about the fascist state still recommending we still wash our hands regularly.
  3. Boring as f**k teams that Sevco'd there way to the final (but managed to win it) thread for this pish.
  4. It's almost like the billionaires who own media corporations and people with million invested in listed companies are shitting it? But i'm sure that's not the case.
  5. This time next week, the cops will be dealing with car boot based violations much more harshly
  6. AUFC90

    FIFA 20

    Lenglet for Militao
  7. The comments on that top tweet are absolutely wild.
  8. To be fair after 2014 I would question Scotlands eligibility to be an actual country.
  9. I notice @ICTChris has not done his usual “has any P&Brs...” thing yet. I suspect he has locked his wife in the boot on numerous car journeys.
  10. This might be the key to ending this working from home thing.
  11. They're just reminding people what old folk look like before we're all killed.
  12. Our course all green keepers are still working 4 hours 6 days a week so by the end of this the course should hopefully be in great condition. Had the dog down today and all divots on the holes I walked had been repaired, greens being cut and swooshed. With a long time not playing, and the GKs still working the course should be incredible whenever we’re allowed to play again.
  13. Stephen Kinnock is an arsehole. One of the many politicians who think that the rules are for other people.
  14. He's still at it. I think my crime was not paying him any attention and ignoring his posts. He doesn't like that. He needs dealt with, or some help.
  15. The first one is being sent to Hamilton.
  16. I mean the vast, vast majority are following them and social interaction will no doubt be far down on this time last month. A mix of mass WFH, school and university closures, closing down social venues and banning sporting events and gigs will ensure that. Are some people still having house parties or illegally gathering in public? Sure, but that doesn’t mean that social interaction isn’t considerably down.
  17. Arbroath Blackburn Clyde Dundee East Fife Forfar Gretna Hibs Ipswich J Kilmarnock Leeds Man Utd Nairn County O Preston Queen of the South Raith St Johnstone Tayport Ukraine V West Ham X Y Z Think that's it for me. Clyde played Oldham in a friendly in 2007 but wasn't at it.
  18. Schmeichel as well, but they wouldn't have been rated much above Scotland at the time. In fact did we not qualify for the first time in '92?
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