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  2. The last few seasons scoring goals has been an issue . Looking like that won’t be the issue this season . Still feel we are lacking a wee but centre mid but Davy Anderson is a monstrous hole to fill . Ferry looks a player but Davy done the work of 2 players . Confident we won’t be struggling at the bottom of the league this season
  3. Neither have I. but I believe ARRRRRRRRRSENE WENGER is in it.
  4. Lennon continually says he hasnt finished recruitment so lets see where we are come start of the season. I thought for parts of the game we played well . lost some poor goals as highlighted by the manager so think he os aware of where we need to strengthen.
  5. That it 6 travelling ? Could’ve left one at Berwick n shared a car
  6. I was a lot earlier than that. Went to Kinker primary before being forced to move further south by my parents just before secondary. Brought into this world as a Dons fan when it was inconceivable that we’d even ever play in Europe in the pre-Turnbull era. Just happy to have a few wins every season and finish mid table at best. A bit like St Johnstone nowadays, I suppose.
  7. I think he’ll sign another couple of players. 18s just too tight. Although maybe the plan is use trialists if we are struggling
  8. This competition begins before the league season gets underway. Say no more. Utterly tinpot. St. Johnstone are bigger than the League Cup.
  9. I've probably posted this before but the porn guy at our school was Porno George. He was always good for a tape and was never fussy when you gave it back. I borrowed one once and it was a shitty homemade tape with two older (Scottish) folk attempting to bang on a couch. The next day George came up to me looking as white as a sheet saying "Have you brought that tape in? I need it back asap. It's the one with ma auntie and uncle and ma dad has noticed it's went missing". So much wrong with that sentence. Weird weird family.
  10. Mods please......they’re called clipshears......[emoji44]
  11. It's one game. But it all sounds wonderful. Maybe I should rush back on Wednesday and be thoroughly entertained. Oh wait a minute.... I've just noticed your comment over on the Clyde thread: "We, Airdrie, didn’t play that well today either to be honest....”. So it's a mile better, but we're not playing well? Anyway, good result for the diamonds (even if it was still, by your own admission, not great to watch).
  12. We should beat Clyde by at least 4.
  13. Pacquiao is moving in completely different boxing circles than Khan.
  14. Well why did he choose to pull Walsh's shirt then instead of challenging for the ball?
  15. That's quite the allegation UTN! If Police Scotland are indeed actively tracking this thread - eager to arrest anyone that dares to post up memes complaining about cycling standards then I'm duty bound to inform a moderator @Tynierose as it's important Div and the team can prepare themselves ( as I will ) for the inevitable knock on the door from Police Scotland.
  16. BBC live text coverage of League Cup group games is the place to go for your Nazi puns.
  17. I see Rangers drew with Blackburn Rovers. Is that the first opponents Rangers have played in a friendly that have been almost match fit? Similarly the first opponents that Rangers couldn’t beat.
  18. Aye it is. He was with Fife elite at the time.
  19. Strangely enough this Kris Doolan programme signed by Stuart Bannigan is the only programme I have since about 1999, and that's just because we were in hospitality. Actually gutted to hear there isnt a programme for Stranraer game though as i'm taking my son to his first ever game and was definitely going to buy one as a memento. Ah well.
  20. Livid with the end of season 3 Fuckin livid
  21. Yes. In early 2014 a proposal to go to 2 divisions was voted on in advance of the SPFL pyramid coming into effect from 2014-15. It was meant to be 2x Divisions of 10 playing each other twice. With the League Cup adding groups to bulk up the number of games with Championship & Promotion play-offs and another cup. Then there was also the idea of playing each other three times a season instead. This early attempt is usually called the "Stables Plan". It got shot down in a vote. Then the basic idea has been revived a couple of times. While the HFL have voted to split into 2x Divisions if they exceed 20 clubs, the idea of two small divisions isn't a popular enough idea for them to pursue under their own steam.
  22. The Raith player is clearly capable of putting in a challange to clear the ball. Walsh had no part to play in the goal.
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