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  2. Just watched that Mark Millar freekick winner. God- their keeper was lousy.
  3. The peak of the UK’s coronavirus outbreak could come as soon as next Sunday, new research claims. A new paper from Imperial College London estimates that if Britain follows the same pattern as China, the highest number of deaths recorded in a single day will come on Sunday, April 5. The research - which studies the effects of social distancing measures - predicts that at the height of Covid-19, the UK will see 260 people die in a single day. Unfortunately we hit that height today The IC also predict lockdown lifted by the summer time if
  4. Do you think we should be copying these Dinamo Minsk lads from this afternoon then, or carrying on the lockdown for a while?
  5. Absolutely. And when they do get a good, relevant and quite new question - the guy from LBC asking what the government would do about business who insist their staff should continue coming to work even when they are afraid of catching the virus - they just do the usual politicians trick of the non-answer answer and say nothing anyway.
  6. FULL TIME: Scotland 3-2 Holland Scotland are out of the 1978 World Cup. This year’s hipsters’ choice fall at the first hurdle. Oh Ally. Here comes darkness, our old friend. Only one thing to do now - listen to the "fishul" 78 WC song!
  7. Tell the farmers about the mess they made of foot and mouth disease. Same people.
  8. Yes, but my point was that some clubs have formally applied but haven't announced it. They can't still be consulting as they have actually applied. Its not exactly unusual. There's meant to be 8 applicants to the EoSFL but only 6 are public.
  9. My wife bought me a ticket for the Sunday for my birthday that year. In general I prefer to watch the final round on TV but that turned out perfectly as the winner was only ever coming from the final pairing. The buzz in the crowd was something else that day. A fantastic experience.
  10. Best post this afternoon. Well done. It all helps to alleviate the boredom.
  11. I know that a lot of the flights started going direct to the platform/rig from Aberdeen a few weeks ago, rather than fixed wing to Shetland then offshore. Don't know if all did though.
  12. Experts, like the ones at Imperial College who see and are qualified to interpret the raw data.
  13. I've just been scouting for Danny Harvie's replacement, the Shakhter Soligorsk Left Back looks like he could do a job. What can I say, I've developed a new appreciation for Belarussian Football and Ukrainian Table Tennis over the past few days.
  14. They're just feeding us shite now, "we've been planning for this before WHO announced it as a pandemic", why the f**k do we not have the PPE's that required then you bunch of fucktards? That homer gif was tailor made for this bunch of Tory charlatans.
  15. If he’s not privy to all the up to date info, then who is?
  16. Think I'll postpone my campaign for a big clap for offshore workers then.
  17. Yes, but my point was that some clubs have formally applied but haven't announced it. They can't still be consulting as they have actually applied. I suppose some clubs are delaying their response to avoid any unhelpful negativity from a (small) portion of their support base. From my regular perusal of P&B there now appears very little negativity towards the emerging WoSFL. In contrast I continue to find it very difficult to understand the blinkered position of the West Lothian Junior clubs. Given the rapid changes in the position of the WRJFA clubs, the position of the ERJFA West Lothian clubs now appears completely out of sync and bordering on the futile and bloody-minded. There must be a better word to describe their position.
  18. Looks good. Tesco has play sand for essential shopping. Saves you going to B & Q.
  19. Just watched the video of the goals scored so far this season on the web site,some classic goals, there some of them even better than I remember. Great work from the film crew.
  20. But you have enough money to have something to sit about that potentially might not be a huge investment in the future? I dont drink whiskey so cant comment regarding drinking it but think a wee fib you couldnt afford to pay for two. You choose not to. A slight difference
  21. Did no one else watch this absolute banger on Friday then?
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