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  2. All things Dundee FC

    The grand total of fucking none. Everyone we out out on loan was listed in that statement.
  3. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I am of an age where I went through the Fulston stuff, the provisional liquidation (there was no administration back then, just liquidation), the BtB stuff where individuals game up a hell of a lot of time to try and raise funds, the post BtB stuff where one or two sought to get something for themselves out of it. Of course, the Ritchie era where GC was allowed to run his football mover/shaker fantasies to the full while the BoD looked the other way, and then the infamous stadium meeting with MR and GC begging the support to get them out of the grubber, and on to this latest series of shambolic club management decisions. Remember all the stuff about communication and transparency? I am totally onboard with how crucial the next three Saturdays will be, and the team will have my support.....the club already have my money. Thereafter though, there are some serious decisions to be made. The cost of all of these screw ups will be met by who? I think we know the answer. Without seriously addressing the changes that are needed, then for me, next season’s ST is a non starter. I can happily deal with following a football team that aren’t very good, and win next to nothing.......that’s one of the things that sets everyone apart from the OF. I just can’t be involved in anything that props up the current BoD, and despite platitudes to the contrary, supporters cash is the only thing that matters, and the only leverage we collectively hold. Our BoD however, have now crapped all over their paying customers yet again, and this time, it needs to be them that pays the price. They have a little gem of a support when compared to other clubs, yet choose to screw it over again and again and again. I have had my fill of them. Overly long rant over.
  4. Ayrshire Prem / 1st div winners and relegations

    Any truth in the Mason rumour mick or would you rather not say while the season is still going ?
  5. Oh Kez!!!

    Well whatever. I'm just pleased he lost and hope this does more to persuade sensible yes supporters to ignore him. The trans issue was a big flag after indyref 1, he clearly has a compulsion to be involved in causes and it just exposes him as an unpleasant liability.
  6. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Yep.. I was only going to be a £30 a month merchant but f**k them. A boycott is needed. No chance I'm buying a season if they are still there
  7. Cove Rangers Champions

    By no means a great lover of Cove but as you say not having a ground but presumably having to hire other facilities would not be a major advantage I would have thought cant be many sides that have won leagues without having a home game. They don't have a huge support either so must have very good sponsors or some other method of getting cash. The manager seems to get under folks skins & must admit during his short spell as our manager in the SPFL he seemed totally out of his depth but has a good HFL record. Saw them a few weeks back & they seem capable enough. Would think most of the HFL would be happy for them to move on & make way for new challengers its not quite like Celtics domination in the SPL but some new challengers would lift the league again.
  8. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    Only the first paragraph was directed at you, I'm surprised you think the rest was as well. It's just my two cents on what we as fans ought to be doing right now, but it was certainly not intended to be preaching; as mentioned I'm not exactly in a position to be doing that to any other supporter.
  9. Keep/Punt/Undecided

    We should keep Michael Tidser
  10. That's been blatantly obvious since 1996. When I stopped being a supporter & realised I was merely a customer, who pays to be "entertained".
  11. Oh Kez!!!

    Insert Haymarket joke.
  12. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Out of order Darvel announcing this signing before Shortlees season is over. Going for the league and another cup. This could seriously derail there chances now. Darvel should of shown them a bit of respect by leaving it till end of May imo.
  13. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    No you havent you lying c**t Straight to the point, no faffing about.
  14. St.johnstone v Dundee

    Jim, Jim, get tae … Macca, Macca get tae ….? Just what should be sung when it all goes to pot again? McIntyre, McIntyre... just doesn't scan well
  15. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Yup, it's the cost of the lower category league games at Rugby Park which they'd then get to attend. You're just deflecting as usual though, so that's fine. Enjoy the game when it comes around.
  16. Oh Kez!!!

    Funny I took it to be homophobic for a completely different reason - that if he had come out earlier it meant David Mundell would certainly never have had a child.
  17. The Falkirk FC Thread

    To think the numbers we have followed the team in this season, especially since Christmas. We pledged 600k+ in January too and they go and negotiate with others and treat us like some other unconnected investor. They can go f**k themselves now.
  18. The get fit, stay fit thread

    What are folk's thoughts on alternatives to flys? I've watched some youtube folk who suggest they're best avoided as if it goes wrong it can lead to a bad injury, but I've tried their alternatives and none of them give me the feeling in my chest that a fly does.
  19. Junior football, what is the future?

    Probably Petrie and Maxwell are not so stupid as to be taken in with all this pish about parallel leagues. It was never an issue when this all started. Now that the EOSL have gained a lot of clubs they seem to be trying to use their false sense of superiority and want to dictate to everyone else. When it started they just wanted a handful of clubs to prop up their failing league. Instead of the big hitters of the East Region Juniors the got the minnows. They kept moving the closing date for applications until they eventually got their target clubs. The SJFA indicated that they wished to join and everyone said it was the right way forward. No mention then of any geographical overlap. Now though? Total smokescreen. They actually want the ERSJFA to fold and join the EOSL. So all those clubs will come under their rule.
  20. Club Licencing

    I just hope the thousands many will have spent is looked on as a good investment anyway if the SFA scuppers actual licenses. Spending money on improving facilities for everyone should always be priority over chasing dreams or inflated wage demands.
  21. The New MILF Thread

    Good. Let's get these Escort and Fiesta pics in
  22. Oh Kez!!!

    I'm not really much of an Ars Warts fan but he's a bit of an Ewok face is he not ?
  23. Parking fines

  24. The New MILF Thread

    37 year old mum of one, camgirl with an un-pronounceable Greek name who goes by the moniker of Gigi Petit... close thread
  25. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    As long as you're ok then to hell with everyone else, to a lot of people that's a fair bit of money, especially for people with families or taking families to the game.
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