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  2. I see that they deliver and that there are finance options available. I'm in.
  3. And Forfar Athletic have announced exactly what ? More interested in dance dates on Facebook and website Poor show from club
  4. Well lets hope he is more popular with us than the last St Mirren/QotS midfielder who they also rated!
  5. Alan Dershowitz has been added to Trump’s legal team for his impeachment. He has previously represented OJ Simpson, Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein. Sounds just the guy to represent Donnie.
  6. Good player. Attacking mid and can play wide. Not sure we needed another in that area though, unless there is one or two going out. Surely signals the end for Longridge and or Tidser/McShane.
  7. What can we expect from Todd? What type of player is he?
  8. 2 really good Scottish Cup ties in Killie tomorrow. I’m going to watch the killie Utd game against Braehead. Anyone going to the lees game?
  9. Tad random at first glance, but a quick search shows that Skyview have signed up as a sponsor of Juventus' US academy and a couple of youth invitational tournaments being run by them. Hence, Del Pierro was kicking about at the media event. Time to get the feelers out for a wee parent club deal, I reckon. Also, Youri Djorkaeff wearing a Saints shirt and Alessandro del Pierro getting the obligatory 'posing with the shirt' pic in the one season?! 1997 me is screaming inside a wee bit. Get me some Batistuta and Cantona before the season's out and I'd be away to finish myself off.
  10. Likewise at Dunipace, houses on 3 sides. Diffusers fitted on the directional lights to prevent as much leakage as possible in the wrong directions and planning were happy enough. But either way a moot point, lights are needed for a licence, not for Tier 6. One of many reasons that the preferred option from last night feels like selling clubs up the garden path, again. I know it hasn't been discussed, but It's almost like they are hoping the debate on a LL split will stop folk noticing that plan Z also includes ERSJFA at Tier 6, which was unanimously rejected last year for reasons that haven't changed and are not considered in the plan. [emoji85][emoji21]
  11. According to STV news Aberdeen haven’t given up hope of getting Kennedy in January and he apparently didn’t train today
  12. Think we need to realise this ain’t going to happen any time soon!
  13. That's just your opinion though. The truth is for each individual player you just don't know. To be honest I thought you'd have Holt playing for a Champions League team. 😉
  14. Another one grabbing that Grangemouth cash.
  15. It might have been set this way almost two months ago, but I'm still bloody pissed off that we don't have a Cup Tie this weekend. Just saying.
  16. Maybe it was once at u10 level, I don't know. Regardless, check out the last 3 words of my post that you conveniently quoted yet ignored.
  17. Take it they were waiting on Callachan before releasing.
  18. Notwithstanding the fact that progression to the 5th Round for the Sons appears almost entirely unlikely, I’ve become full of the weird, positive optimism this cup always seems to provoke. It’s going to be a good day tomorrow, until kick off at least.
  19. Josh Todd departs Dens Park to sign for Falkirk on an 18 month deal.
  20. Carswell "very, very doubtful" according to Duffy. 😢
  21. How good is Josh Todd? I recognise the name but I can’t remember him playing against us.
  22. Kilday also messed up for the equaliser at Alloa. He's done fine overall - that's all. The "outstanding" claim was very generous.
  23. He will do well in this league, just a pity at the step up in the Championship you have to be 100% fit and after Stevie got injured on his return he could not get back in the team and when he did get on he was maybe a yard off the pace, i have no doubt though he will score goals for you, i am gutted he is away from the Red Lichties and he will go down as a legend for us and the only AFC player to win the 3 x league titles, all the best Stevie Doris 36-0.
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