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  2. Just said on STV news match preview "new signing Hilson" is cup tied
  3. Diet Coke So bad I forgot I had posted about it already this year.
  4. Summary of our signings so far Ryan Blair – signed from Swansea in November, extended to the end of the season Botti Biabi – signed from Swansea in November, still currently under contract Jordan Armstrong – signed in November, extended until the end of the season Jonathon Tiffoney – signed in November, extended until the end of the season Greig Spence- signed from Arbroath on an 18 month deal Bob Wilson – signed from Arbroath until the end of the season Conor McBrearty – signed from St Mirren on loan until the end of the season Connor McBride – signed from Celtic on loan, extended until the end of the season Callum Moore - signed from Dundee, on loan to end of season Out of the above Tiffoney and McBrearty look the part, Biabi has been mainly injured and Spence joined last week. We will see what Moore is like but Wilson looks dodgy and the rest well least said. Still no left back.
  5. Next episode in Scotland will be a sea of Snp councillors etc then
  6. ^^^ fails to see the real 'd.o.b.' question in the 70/80's..... Actually 90's as well come to think back.
  7. How would @RandomGuy be able to drone endless spaff on threads about Aberdeen, Dundee and Celtic if this were to be implemented?* *It won't.
  8. Funnily enough the first travel vlog I ever saw was on Al Gore's Current TV (remember that?!) and was about Iceland (before it became a major destination). The only thing you saw of the vloggers was his feet. I think that's still the best way to do it. A lot of them seem actually more interested in themselves than the place their 'soooo excited' about.
  9. If Queens went part-time, even more fans would stop going. It might happen, but it would finish me ☹️
  10. Malky Mackay got employed by the SFA after his antics. Scotland manager.
  11. I’m sorry that’s guff, all the match updates, post match interviews, recently added highlights are for the fans so to say there’s no desire to help out fans is simply not true Indeed it is, so you’ll know that I know when the posts go out. Not long after the guys who organise the bus get in touch! I can’t help it if there’s a lack of appetite for bus travel to away games!
  12. Is there such a thing as Burley glasses? Eta: And who the f**k is Craig Winter?
  13. Pitch has been fucked since the Montrose game in the last round. Can only presume there's an issue with the drainage because we haven't really had any call offs for the last few seasons.
  14. Really looking forward to tomorrow. A day And night out in Dundee and with decent if cold weather forecast. I expect a really tough game and would not be surprised with a scoring draw. I worry that we are not as sharp as Dundee but you do have to consider the fact we have gathered more points in a higher and more difficult league than Dundee. However the Well have a habit of fking up when I do hospitality or anything out of the ordinary. Dundee fans seem a bit disgruntled with McPake and the team. Yet on paper it is a decent squad and I think they will turn in a good performance tomorrow as there will be no pressure on them. Conversely I actually think being away will lift some pressure off us. I saw a tweet from the SFA about missing a round of drinks tomorrow - WTF. No thanks. Need to be just the right side of Merry by KO.
  15. After this omnishambles - what's the chances of a WoSFL (tier 6) breakaway for 2020-21? Obviously Clydebank would probably be the leaders in this. You'd 10 clubs for it to work Clydebank (and Yoker), Rutherglen, Pollok, Arthulie, Glasgow Uni*, Petershill, Cumnock and then you'd only need a couple more.
  16. Fully fit or not one thing you will get from Stevie is a full 100% shift every time Don't worry he will do forfar a good turn. All the best Stevie.
  17. When the current version of Licencing was introduced, there was no requirment to join the Pyramid, hence why Linlithgow and Banks O'Dee are Licenced. That was quickly changed by the SFA Board to say you must be committed to join the Pyramid. I really can't see them engaging reverse and going back on that after everything that has happened, and if they really do want a LL West/East at some point, then they don't want to upset the LL clubs who have worked their backsides off to meet requirements (and some still are trying). Try telling Vale of Leithen or Civil Service Strollers you can now come in at tier 5 without a Licence.
  18. Robbers who stole watches from Gleneagles. 12 years. Nutter from Glenrothes, stabs and slits pregnant partners throat. Killing twins. 5 years. Wtf?
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