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  2. Wycombe in the 2nd tier of English football. Fair play
  3. See you in the Championship Wycombe Wanderers, mo more games against diddies like Sunderland
  4. Who is that? Seen that account pop up in arguments recently. Sea.to average 145 tweets a day, thought I posted here to often but that's impressive.
  5. Not arsed about the others but c’mon Adamski, your representing this great nation of Tennent’s and haggis!
  6. Was pleased when Villa Women hired her, less so when she turned out to be a Tory dickhead.
  7. They did, but he drew on them to move from a bit of a drip to space man rock star. The Stooges and Velvet Underground were playing a completely different type of music from mainstream 60s bands. He was able to refine it and then return the favour.
  8. Really hard to name the two/three best CH's and therefore all shouts are sensible.
  9. Spiders grow quickly m9. Deal with it or lie in bed wondering. Those are literally the only choices here
  10. Great signing and someone who used to stand on the Firs Park terracing as a boy.
  11. Greg wylde to east Stirlingshire I’m sure Clyde won’t miss him lol
  12. Wonder who we'll sign to play right back. With them freeing doyle early I thought they might have someone lined up.
  13. I told you i wasnt going away. You had your dot, now gimme mine.
  14. I think we can at least rule out Thursday as a start date.
  15. An hour a go you said it was a tiddler and I should get a picture . Now you say it's going to lay eggs in my scrotum in the middle of the night .
  16. I thought it was Paddy from Phoenix Nights.
  17. It's called a flush box. It's really unusual to have an outside electric flush box and an indoor gas . Flushboxes are an excellent barometer of how successful you are. GROUP A: Two indoor meters - low income or very high income and old house. GROUP B: Outside Gas; inside Electric - Low/ mid income, probably have young kids. GROUP C Two outdoor flush boxes - Large new-builds. There's a nice car in the drive and golf membership. I'm in group A btw.
  18. Aluko was quite good with the h-t analysis there. I'm not a fan of many of the pundits, and she's probably the first female that's caught my attention (with the content of what she's saying, before anyone makes the obvious joke).
  19. I'd say they all benefitted each other; Bowie arranged quite a few of Iggy and Reed's tunes. He had some patchy output after the 70s but the last few albums he did like The Next Day and Blackstar are pretty good.
  20. I was probably looking forward to U2 most having bought their Pride single. And they then didn't play due to Bono being an arse as mentioned. Which to be fair I have seen Bono confess to later (possibly in the documentary others are talking about). Mojo or Q magazine did a retrospective feature and actually got hold of the girls Bono danced with. One of them said something along the lines of "I was a big fan, but he was really sweaty and stank. I went right off him after that" 😄 I did think Queen stole the show, although I really wanted to see The Who, but the live feed went down during their set and we were left with the sight of loads of similarly pissed off fans in Philadelphia shouting "bull shit bull shit" at the blank big screens.
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