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  2. Thanfully won't happen to me as I've got a 5 figure income! Seems unlikely, as a tory, you could drink Dark fruits without a racial slur #Imwithboris
  3. Sadly they never printed any for these cup games. I was also looking for one too keep for my new born son .
  4. There are no programmes made for the League Cup games.
  5. Some of us are cultured and have already read Hamlet
  6. Hoping for some activity in the Berwick thread next.
  7. Northfield kicks off tomorrow for our club, defending champions senior 4's play at noon, our 4's team and pairs are on wednesday, and me in the singles on Thursday! Should be good and I'm hoping for a wee slice of luck!!
  8. Season tickets only I got told. I went to the second set, turnstiles were cash only and there was a boy with a scanner letting folk in the fire exit. It wasn't well organised at all in terms of telling people where to go.
  9. I'm in Glasgow this week for a course. First night so decided to go out and get some juice and snacks for the room. Heading back a lassie high as a kite approached me and the conversation went something like this. Her: They "pakis" are watching me. But a need the £2. Me: (Not wanting to be rude and just walk away) Where you going pal? Her: A need the shop but I've nae money. Can you gimme £2? Me: I don't carry cash pal, I only use my phone for contactless. Her: Well can you get me summit fae the shop wae contactless? Racism, a first hand view of the country's drug problem and quick-witted comedy all in one interaction. People make Glasgow [emoji38]
  10. How strange the last few pages have been about the village I grew up in. My PC right now has a picture of Kinker for the desktop background 😎
  11. We'll pay you to take Kane if you want? I'll even drive him down to you. Another two strikers available too, but I don't think we've got the budget to pay you for those two aswell.
  12. I completely agree with this. I would go as far as to say Finlay Robertson produced the best display I’ve ever seen from an extremely young rookie, in a Dundee shirt. The boy looks utter class and is a very exciting prospect.
  13. Was the 1st queue cash only? I always see at the east stand folk will stand at the 1st set of turnstiles rather than walk up to the next empty ones.
  14. I’ve never tried Dark Fruits, if it tastes nice you be you my man. You be you,
  15. I mean that would be relevant if the away top was any better. It's just last season's away top in white and it looks just as awful as the home top.
  16. As will Biggie. Two well rounded individuals imo.
  17. What the f**k is he point in a public vote if it’s always down to the Islanders to pick. Anna will always get saved.
  18. Up next is our final pre season game tomorrow night at Toryglen
  19. Now pre season has finished we concentrate on the serious stuff. Congratulations to everyone connected with the club there has been a remarkable turn around on and off the park since I first visited in February. Hopefully we are starting to create a club the community feel proud to say represent them, still loads of improving to come in the future. I know the players have been given some stick by some fir being mercenaries etc, what I will say is it’s been a pleasure working with the so far, they have been dedicated, hungry, committed and the level of togetherness they have shown in such a short space of time is remarkable. They have truly bought into the ethos and culture I believe in creating. Hopefully in the future people will recognise the same qualities I see in them as men and players, and will understand why I brought them to Darvel. Ive no doubt the future will bring many challenges, we will work hard and see what the future brings us. Good luck to everyone associated with junior football as the season truly begins this weekend.
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