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  2. Have some good casinos appeared?
  3. It's inaccurate too, he hasn't had 3 ACL ruptures all to his right knee. He's done both knees and one of them twice. Still at least it didn't say 3 ACL ruptures one to each leg.
  4. Seen the Wierd Professor's" latest one Turky boy? Hahaha!! Saying the government's quarantine plan is beginning to have holes appearing - WTF would he know! It gets better too - He says he wouldn't be surprised to see it quietly slip away! Haha Tell you what, you and the rest of P&B have been right dismissing the pish of this Tory twat!
  5. Any time the NHS need to phone me they always let me know to turn off my unidentified caller blocking can only assume it's the same for testing.
  6. Now not happy I woke it up. Bush out.
  7. I'd take that toy gun and shove it up the fat twat's arse
  8. I hope the unknown philanthropist is Craig Whyte.
  9. Must go back, other than for work I've not visited properly in more than 20 years.
  10. The Premiership season only ended about 2 weeks ago, with the unanimous consent of all the top tier clubs. 'They' weren't exactly in a rush to end it.
  11. I appreciate that Ann Budge might not be on the verge of understanding how to split the atom but it's just possible that she's not stupid enough to attempt a game of 3D chess style negotiations with the first move blowing up in her face. If she's saying there are benefactors looking to help out the Scottish game then it's nothing to do with Hearts other than the fact that she's brokered the deal.
  12. Were you part of Bobbygate? What was all that about? It's never fully been explained. @Bobby Skidmarks
  13. Considering how bad we were that season that's a decent ratio.
  14. Actually starting to think this is the early stages of dementia.
  15. I listened to the interview and if there is millions of pounds earmarked for Scottish football with no strings then great. However, I too am extremely dubious about all this and it is surely a smokescreen designed to curry favour with the lower leagues in a last desperate appeal to get her reconstruction passed.
  16. Yet they were in such a rush to finish the season, a decision which in the longer term benefits very few teams. Any businessman would know that we should have done everything possible to avoid such a huge shortfall.
  17. Did Rangers even embarrass themselves this much in 2012? Fucking hell [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  18. I've a quandary. Quite used to beastly apparently having a stash of mice. Was getting one a night usually around midnight. Just fannying about with the beasts. I would apprehend and put said moose back in garden. More recently it's a pain so I (dont tell the rspca) disposed of them. Last few days no need as beastly has taken to ripping them up and not letting me near. Got a head last night and disposed of it. Came back for the bottom half and it had been devoured. She spends hours a day now in next doors almost derelict greenhouse. I guess the place is full of mice.
  19. Very cool. Reminds me of Peter Fonda in Easy Rider:
  20. More from his customers, than directly from him.
  21. One or more of the mods has a thing about him. I'd say he's one of the least offensive posters on the forum. I think he's been banned from teasing the nano-thin skinned cycling community.
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