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  2. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    I don't think anyone's suggesting Kelty aren't generating interest with those signings. I'm not really sure what that's got to do with anything though. Unless Youtube ad revenue is going to be the next suggestion for where they money's coming from.
  3. Things you want to share with P&B

    He shares a birthday with Katie Price and Naomi Campbell.
  4. European Elections voting thread.

  5. Club Licencing

    I truly believe there's nothing Bonnyrigg can do, LTHV would have something to say on the matter if reprieve was given.
  6. Annan v Clyde/ Clyde v Annan

    Won't be the last time Philosopher. I'd imagine they'll be raiding us again next summer when they come right back down to the league 2 doldrums.
  7. Moby made quite a lot of techno but he released it under the alias Voodoo Child. I listened to some of it once.
  8. Clown??at last we've got something in common then gaz..All the best eh.
  9. A View From The Terrace.

    Congratulations lads. I’ve been watching* *Dunno if I’m allowed but I have been.
  10. CSAFL

    Took in BB v St Pats game last night and was surprised by amount of needle. Some of the challenges by St Pats boys were shocking .They ended with 9 men but easily could have had a couple more sent off. Really feisty game given nothing to play. Behaviour by both touch lines wasn't great either.
  11. Premier League 2018-19

    Where the hell are all these Pep to Juve rumoured coming from? He denied it himself a week or so ago but reliable news agencies are starting to report it with quite a lot of detail.
  12. Chernobyl

    much gratitude to the utter shambles that was GoT season 8; if I hadn't subscribed to Now tv to see it I woulnt have seen this utterly compelling and chilling programme.best thing ive seen on telly for a very long time
  13. Game of Thrones

    Just watched the Fan Denial thing, and it raises some good points; - Why didn't the Dothraki follow Jon after he killed their Khal? - Why does Bran need a Master of Whispers/Spies when he can see everything?
  14. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    As many views on that video as there is on the Forfar Athletic tv two videos of their play off matches v Raith Rovers
  15. Again, another squad player. Notice the lack of fanfare about this one?
  16. EoS Conference A Thread 2019-20

    Haddington was the highest ranked Junior from 17/18 that didn't quality for the EOS Premier 19/20. LTHV the former EOS Champions, and runner ups in 17/18 behind Kelty. Leith has been one of the strongest EOS teams for years, and will only be in the first division, because Cove beat Berwick Rangers. Not sure if Heriot-Watt or St. Andrews can match those three.
  17. Yes, I'd like us to sign an "unknown" foreigner just for that wee bit of excitement. Who knows, we could unearth the next Alain Horace or it could be a Claudio Valletta, "you pays your money and takes your chance" as they say. I do wonder why we don't look at the the likes of the Polish, Czech, Slovak leagues etc as I'm sure our wages are enough to tempt players over and there's also the excellent transport links (especially Prestwick to Polska). In fairness maybe we do but have just not found anything ?? PS Did anyone ever here what happened to the foreign players we had over around January time ??
  18. A View From The Terrace.

    All we need now is CGT and Shaughan doing the Friday night Championship games and the new channel's football output will reach elite status.
  19. Exactly why I think that will be a busy week. Again, I hope! I'm struggling to even name 2 or 3 players I've seen released from other clubs I'd be happy to see sign on.
  20. Club Licencing

    The league set up released by the eosfl suggests it’s not finalized
  21. Porcelain is a cracking tune though.
  22. Midfield begining to look alright ,saying nothing about the rest ,would get shot down again .
  23. Gazzetta Football Italia

    It went to C5 in 2002, but wasn't the same. Ooft! They are nice! Seriously considering one as well.
  24. I would guess that MacKinnon and McGowan are our only (relatively) high earners left. Gordon, Imrie, Kilgallon and Tshiembe won't have been on a (releatively) small wage, although I could be way off about Tshiembe.
  25. Our contracted players can’t sign elsewhere until 1/6/19 also. It’s not as if they can sign a pre contract as they still have another year left.
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