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  2. It'll likely be Lord Dalmeny Earl of Rosebury, his son Caspian Primrose and their cast of chinless wonders who are stumping up the cash. The family has links to Hearts but also were involved with the SFA back in the days of long shorts and daft moustaches (think the fruit salad shirts are to do with their family colours). c***s probably found a few million down the back of the sofa. Wee Budgie is using this link for a bit of leverage, not that it'll make a difference.
  3. It would be class if this goes ahead. Dundee already the up and coming city of Scotland, this really would be the cherry on the Dundee cake
  4. Almost The Perfect Game , very enjoyable game to watch
  5. Shorter run tonight. Small improvement again. Definitely aiming to get back under 23:00.
  6. It's black people highlighting how they're treated by the police wherever. Minneapolis is just a touch paper for it. Like women talking about #metoo without having been fingered by Harvey Weinstein.
  7. Gerald Elbowdent

    FIFA 20

    Never quit a game in WL. There's rumours that it fucks around with your ELO/W-L. Totally unproven of course, but not worth taking the chance. If I'm getting hammered and can't be arsed I'll just rubber band the analog stick and go do something else for 5 minutes. Hate being the sort of c**t that does this, but why does this game always reward the player who is being blatantly outplayed? It's so frustrating 😤
  8. When it comes to the pyramid everyone points to the English one. Forgetting how long it took to get where it is now, and its still evolving now. First season of the Alliance Premier was 1979-80. Didn't get automatic promotion until 1986-87. Didn't get their second promotion spot through the playoff until 2002-03. That's without considering all the shuffling below that.
  9. Sometimes theres nothing better than an absolute purge.
  10. Can one of the protesters (once it spreads) shoot Trump, please?
  11. I see absolutely nothing wrong with Budge being told to draft a document about the supposed investment.
  12. The Andy Murray thing on Prime is also a decent watch for that kind of power, in terms of seeing an elite athlete who has an unbelievably driven character. People like Jordan, Murray et al are amazing human beings. Certainly at that level of sport the final piece of the puzzle is that psychological strength and ability to be completely driven, focused and unflappable (to the point that some ‘normies’ and average athletes probably think you are a dick) However, I just finished a tub of Pringles and a grab bag of Oreo bites, so who’s the real winner in life?
  13. Been to the one in Cornwall and it’s fucking shite. Imagine a zoo but it instead of animals, it’s just plants. 2/10.
  14. Once again, a board member of an SPFL club making Neil Doncaster seem like a competent professional by comparison. Maybe this is all part of a plan to get him a better job elsewhere.
  15. I keep seeing this "that's right, keep back, keep your head down Keir" chat but (probably Lewis Goodall aside) Corbyn would have been getting WHY AREN'T YOU SHOOTING IN THIS OPEN GOAL JOROMY from the press in the same circumstances.
  16. Presumably make it a legal document/contract, rather than the SPFL accepting money from a completely unknown source.
  17. Single club forums, when they are not your own, are metaphorical junk food. You can dine out on that greasy self entitlement and/or persecution all day and still come back for more. When they are your own, and while I appreciate there are some B&WA posters on here, are a cringefest platter, with a side order of really useful obscure info on the reserve/youth team.
  18. The OP


    Jeffrey Epstein programme - Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew need to be doing the “fresh fish” first night in Shawshank breakdown soon.
  19. Trailer for the next show, When Hairplugs Go Bad.
  20. “Do a paper”? What does that even mean? I didn’t listen to it, but who was ripping them apart, Budge?
  21. stumigoo

    FIFA 20

    I used to be terrible for quitting but refuse to now. Sometimes you end up getting an absolute hiding but there are other games where you would be amazed at the kind of comeback you can be capable of. The other way I try and sell it to myself, even though it’s infuriating, is the chance to try and learn against players who are maybe far superior. Always feel coming off the back of a game against a great player that I feel a bit more confident when I then play someone who’s of an equal level to me.
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