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  2. 18/19 Kit Thread

    Stranraer second strip
  3. Mark Dingwall on Sky

    Dingwall probably spent £70m in Greggs last year the heart attack in waiting fat c**t.
  4. League 2 - Golden Boot

    Odds will be too small to be worthwhile.
  5. Dundee United 2018/2019

    I haven't replied to him Bairnardoooooooooo.
  6. League 2 - Golden Boot

    DAVID GOODWILLIE, should win it.
  7. Things you want to share with P&B

    I went from working to Tesco to going to BT So from pennies to a salary. Was earning around 500 pound more than what I was on now. However hours were all over the place and you put up with was pretty balls and it's majority script work. It was a straight forward job but the turnaround in staff is very high for a reason. Then I went back to Tesco.
  8. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Get the PM posted then ffs Report reply Romer 0 Started conversation: July 13 Hellloooooo. Does trolling provide you with much satisfaction in your life? I hope it does as otherwise you've wasted a lot of your life
  9. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    I’ll be honest. I don’t trust a single fucker when I’m on the road. I’m cautious as f**k. I think people don’t appreciate how dangerous some of the situations they are in. It’s like they’re locked in a wee ‘safe’ box where nothing can possibly go wrong. And if it does as long as it isn’t ‘my fault’ then everything is OK. My ranting on this thread is purely due to wishing everyone would realise that one little mistake can get you and others in serious problems. A girl I knew died in a car accident a year or two ago. She was an avid texter, and didn’t give a f**k about the laws on that because she ‘knew what she was doing’. Died in a head on collision with a lorry near Dumfries. As well as her family and friends the poor b*****d lorry driver has to live with that too. The laws are there for good reason, and ignoring them because you think you’re brilliant at driving shouldn’t be an option IMO.
  10. I can only imagine that horrible lot if this hypothetical scenario were to play out. I do love a semi final though, a few happy memories.
  11. Stranraer Programmes

    We would definitely have issued then - have seen League and Cup programmes from much earlier.
  12. Unpopular opinions.

    f**k all wrong with the ewoks. I won't be drawn in with such poor bait
  13. ICTFC 18/19

    Lets hope he was registered to play.
  14. Unpopular opinions.

    f**k all wrong with the ewoks.
  15. Coefficientwatch

    Excellent website. Much appreciated.
  16. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Completely agree. Hope he has a really miserable weekend.
  17. Europa League 2018-2019

    shenanigans,ill warrant disappointing result for coleraine tonight
  18. Unpopular opinions.

    You're shit It's the most interesting of the prequels and has the best characters (indeed in Qui Gon THE best character of the prequels), most interesting plot points and the most interesting character development. AOTC is outright boring and easily the worst of the main Star Wars movies (before someone mentions the awful Ewok films) and ROTS is uttet w**k and could be 'Emo the Musical'.
  19. All things Dundee FC

    Top 6 for us this year troops. Europe at a push.
  20. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Get the PM posted then ffs
  21. Hibernian European Tour 2018/2019

    Well done lads
  22. When will indyref2 happen?

    Whoa, just hold on a wee moment, much as though a huge bag of Haribo’s would be a rare treat btw! You & I had an exchange back in early Feb, with regards to the Union, Brexit & Independence? I found myself trying to defend the indefensible and impossible. It has bothered me ever since. I cannot support the blind idiocy of Brexit and have yet to meet anyone who can properly explain its supposed benefits. Again, those who purport to support the continuation of a United Kingdom in Government are those who will be directly responsible for dismantling it through this mayhem. It’s a tough gig for many Scottish Unionists at present, who feel as disgruntled, frustrated & distanced with Westminster as I do. I don’t expect any sympathy with that, but for many of ‘us’ we are still trying to work out what the best way forward is. I include in that, friends and relations who would never ever have contemplated or even discussed supporting an independent Scotland 18 months ago. I’d genuinely be interested to hear the truthful opinions of other Unionists on P&B, small in number perhaps, but worthwhile contributions all the same?
  23. Quick Question Thread

    Are these people in the trainers thread genuinely spending several hundreds of pounds, on those abominations? Or is it all an elaborate wind up, like the wrestling thread where they pretend it’s all real? If it’s the former, then there’s no genuine argument for those individuals to have feet.
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