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  2. Kieran Tierney

    Don't remember anyone saying we should be shot of him and wishing injury on him There was no 18 page thread saying how much he couldn't give a f**k about Scotland anyway and if he was playing for Ireland he'd make it
  3. 2019/20 Scottish Cup

    All this forgetting that SFA-SPFL is about preventing competition ... not to encourage it ... thus we have all these prelim rounds ... and few places available in later rounds, because of the unfair preferential treatment of some `members` over others ... ie SPFL over everyone else ... regardless who got beat by Auchinleck or anyone else. It is a complete sham ... and only brings football into disrepute ... just like the SPFL, Lowland, Highland system ... we need competition in this country ... and these clubs will make sure we don`t get it ..
  4. European Election - 23rd May 2019

    I think Joanna Cherry or someone raised it in the Commons at PMQs yesterday, demanding that polling stations should be provided with the forms so they can fill them in on the spot. Bit fucking late mind. Didn't hear May's reply, probably a brush off.
  5. I can't see it happening but agree with what Rodger said. Only issue is that MacLeod would be on a much bigger wage than Temps initially was.
  6. Parking fines

    I've not opened it yet as I can see myself going a bit Fathers for Justice.
  7. European Elections voting thread.

    Hope yur right . was it this lot ? ya bunch o deluded snaties.
  8. Brechin City 2018 /19

    Exactly this. IMO, there's no room for sentiment after 2 successive relegations. Rip it up and start again.
  9. Best TV theme song

    Inspired by a comment in the Movies thread
  10. Peterhead 2018/19

    Although quite some time back must say it was the most annoyed I have been at a match, the treatment from some of the Berwick support in the Ducket was terrible & must admit although usually enjoying my trips down there as Blue-Toon says possibly a bit of Karma with Cove giving them a hiding.
  11. La Liga / Copa Del Rey Ole

    Only 18 & is getting loaned out to Real Betis asap seemingly. Played 36 times for Groningen's first team & is dual Dutch/Slovak citizen.
  12. European Elections voting thread.

    Where are you voting? Armadale Methodist Church, Armadale When are you voting? Approx 4pm on the way home from work How are you voting? SNP Transport method? Car Make 'n' model? Skoda Octavia Scent? Pure Natural Sweat Attire? Burton Purple Striped Shirt, M&S Black Trousers, Blue CK Socks and a pair of Sketchers Black shoes. Post voting drink? Water
  13. Pie & Bovril Dead Pool 2019

    Always fun when a writer (that I didn't pick) goes
  14. Just put me on ignore if you don't like it.
  15. Parking fines

    Do all of those things, but when you go round their office cover your face with your cape like The Hooded Claw.
  16. I think this week coming will be quiet signing wise. I'm fully expecting news from 1/6/19 onwards..... I hope
  17. Thatcher - A Very British Revolution

    I'm not sure, the OP seems to be on the fence.
  18. The Arbroath Thread

    This is the kind of content I like.
  19. European Election - 23rd May 2019

    Anyone seeing the stuff on Twitter about EU Nationals being denied their vote? Seems there was a second form that needed filling in despite people posting letters from their local council saying "You are registered, you don't need to do anything else". Could be bollocks and the usual social media caveats apply.
  20. Best TV theme song

    You sir, are a fine human being. Less of the weird mind.
  21. Gazzetta Football Italia

    Just treated myself to one of these https://hallyink.com/collections/serie-a/products/channel-4-tee purely because of @DA Baracus avatar.
  22. Gala Fairydean Rovers / Netherdale blog

    Brilliant post.
  23. Who replaces Cove?

    When Rangers hilariously died, Dundee didn't take their place in the top flight until 16 July: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/18850864 It's currently May and there's a meeting scheduled for the end of the month. And unlike Dundee or another side that took Rangers' vacant spot, there's no serious threat of struggling at the very bottom for just about any team in the frame right now. 'Not being able to blitz your opponents 6-0 every week yet' really isn't a valid excuse for deferring entry.
  24. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Bye bye enjoy the seaside league...
  25. The Eminem tune where he slags Moby and says "Nobody listens to techno" has always annoyed me as Moby didn't make techno. He did make other shite music though.
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