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  2. “Do a paper”? What does that even mean? I didn’t listen to it, but who was ripping them apart, Budge?
  3. stumigoo

    FIFA 20

    I used to be terrible for quitting but refuse to now. Sometimes you end up getting an absolute hiding but there are other games where you would be amazed at the kind of comeback you can be capable of. The other way I try and sell it to myself, even though it’s infuriating, is the chance to try and learn against players who are maybe far superior. Always feel coming off the back of a game against a great player that I feel a bit more confident when I then play someone who’s of an equal level to me.
  4. 5 minutes till launch all good so far, they reckon it will be visible in Glasgow tonight about 2215 looking to the south west when it does it second orbit.
  5. That Jambos Kickback is very entertaining. Many of them seem to believe that being laughed off Judge Rinder will kill off a number of football clubs and that this "mystery benefactor" is only trying to save Scottish football.
  6. RandomGuy.

    FIFA 20

    I never quit in Rivals, but it feels like a waste of time in WL if you're well aware you're getting pumped. Feel like you're wasting their time aswell. Only get 30 games and my times limited so cant be arsed wasting it. Only done it a few times mind, usually when the opposition is clearly miles ahead of have built a lead.
  7. I find OTB a hard listen at the best of times, I cannot imagine no football has improved their patter one scintilla.
  8. Did he complete his sponsored walk/shuffle to Cappielow?
  9. The YassinMoutaoukil Winger Rankings of the Stephen Robinson Era™ 1. James Scott 2. Jake Hastie 3. Rolando Aarons 4. Gboly Ariyibi 5. Jermaine Hylton 6. Chris Cadden 7. Elliot Frear 8. Sherwin Seedorf 9. Christian Ilic
  10. I know I shouldn't but I had a quick shufty at JKB. It seems the consensus is that previously they were all doing this for the betterment of Scottish football as a whole, but now Doncaster called successful businesswoman Ann Budge's bluff about 'no strings', they should change tack and be solely looking out for Hearts alone.
  11. Aye, fair enough. Poor form, nae need. Consider it parked. The football cannae start up quick enough, frankly. I might be getting a wee bit bored.
  12. Scullion will likely move into a sitting midfield role. Or potentially looks the odd one out for selection. The most obvious requirement would be a keeper as we only have Wilson, now McKinven has moved to Glenafton.
  13. Thank fck for that. 3+ months of covid dominating the news was Brexit level “overkill”. *obviously police brutality and riots aren’t a good thing but it’s a positive that the news channels are breaking free a bit of covid hysteria
  14. Yeah, would make sense. That's pretty close to the Botanics so I'd assume there would be a tie with them and probably D&A College too.
  15. No - I was secretary for much of the late 1980s and early 1990s, but gave it up when we moved to Fife and then the offspring arrived. I drop in for half a dozen or so matches each season, but a part-time supporter really.
  16. The fact Ann Budge, who admitted on air a few years ago that she doesn’t think some clubs should even exist, expects anyone to buy any of this shows what a delusional moron she truly is. Pull the plug on this league man, it’s an absolute joke.
  17. I asked earlier but it got caught up in the excitement. Do any of the Hearts lads think that this offer of Phree Munney for everyone in the seasides will put the chat about reconstruction to the side? After all, if reconstruction was required due to imminent financial meltdown, then presumably some half thought out temporary solution is surplus to requirements?
  18. I can definitely feel a Diet Chronicles of the Banter Years coming on @HibsFan. Get it done big man.
  19. ayrunitedfw

    FIFA 20

    As you know I’m a bit of a newbie to weekend league, before lockdown I was normally too busy on a Saturday. What’s the opinion of quitting? Normally I’d be totally against it but if your playing a far superior player and they have built a heavy lead early on surely your saving yourself and them a lot of time? Or is it still seen as a shitebag move? ^^^ Rage quits every time they go 1-0 down imo.
  20. That first picture is Bayern’s old strip so although it was pre lockdown I think it was going back at least a year...not January 2020 as the media reported it.
  21. What the actual f**k? Wh..what? Why? Wtf is going on with his head?
  22. It has also been suggested that it may be on the riverside between the airport and Invergowrie. Where ever it goes it would be a welcome addition to Dundee. I'd love to see it happen.
  23. Let's leave the back and forth chat about beasts to the old firm eh.
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