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  2. The mandate is for all Junior regions to join intact. Have the WRJFA gone rogue?
  3. With the latest developments I wonder how much confusion and misinformation is going to be sown at the impending club meetings such as Largs? Is this the grand plan formatted by TJ?
  4. Totally agree Leitch was stinking , should be dropped
  5. Those CBs give me the fear
  6. Glasgow were really poor last night, first 10 minutes had some hopeless kicking and general messing about in our own 22 that gifted leinster 2 tries. Pete Horne aside I thought the rest of our backs looked really poor, and our forwards were ok. Apart from the first scrum, we seemed to hold our own and its hard to defend when it looks like Leinster are running on to forward passes around the breakdown. I think I would be starting Jackson at 10 rather than Horne but we definetly need another 10 for next season
  7. On the very day Berwick's game is cancelled? Surely this is fate bringing them back together
  8. I believe they have spent a lot money to get this sorted. So much so they went and spent decent amount of money on a sprinkler system. It's a disgrace tbh but it's no shock.
  9. It's the opposite side of the park now.. Strange. Bit of a sickener for the 'broath fans missing out on a trip to the big smoke and seeing the city lights but hey ho, whatever you get up to today I hope it's a good one. /thread.
  10. The one year's notice thing is a rule related to moving from one SJFA region to another so is a complete red herring when it comes to club's resigning their membership. It was first brought up as an issue as far back as when Kelty left and didn't make any difference then so to see it still being trundled out now is more pathetic than anything else.
  11. It probably means that they actually believe that all they have to do is to instruct the SFA and their wishes will be done. A bit like Alibaba only the three wishes have been used up!
  12. AUFC90

    FIFA 20

    Nah man Schar isn't a patch on any of them.
  13. Game on as of 07:30am,so pitch deemed playable at that time However,the BBC Weather forecast has shown a marked increase in the wind speed since then. Now showing 40+ over the course of the game along with sleet so conditions are going to be difficult to play in. As no one has started any thread on this match, I take it interest is limited amongst locals and given the forecast, I suspect most folks are staying at home. A few hardy ECFC fans heading down and there should be some Central Belt Elgin supporters as well. Self evident that both teams will be out to get the 3 points for different reasons. From an Elgin perpective, the 3 points are essential to keep us in with a shout for a play off position.
  14. Ah, so only one club backed the proposal which forms the basis of this latest scheme. Even more reason that they need to consult with members.
  15. Worth sharing for the headline alone : https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-51674019
  16. I like it. Very funny and love the fact lower leagues is covered. The guys on it know their stuff as well which is good. The Duncan and Duncan bits are brilliant as gives an insight into clubs. Bank or bust provides a good laugh. Footse index and boyata index is great as it pits league 2 guys on a par with prem guys or higher as this week showed. Robert Borthwick social media bit is 9 times outta 10 hilarious. Think it's made better with the fact hearts are so shit right now and two of the panel are hearts fans [emoji23] This and top gear are the only two programmes I religiously watch.
  17. I was thinking they borrowed some of Lambie's pidgeons for the job
  18. No war from the LL side, they have the full support of the SPFL and the SoS are also now involved. There is no PWG, there is no contact with the Juniors. They carry on and initiate a WoSFL for next season. We can however sit back and enjoy the Junior blazers making complete roaring tits of themselves.
  19. I wonder how successful their league will be if its boycotted.
  20. Largs Thistle didn't vote against Option Z they voted for Option W.
  21. Tj has called a meeting for the sjfa tomorrow 30 feb agenda 1when did dunipace leave 2why did no one tell me 3 i ll make them return
  22. I have to say that I like Gary Oliver. I think he is a good player but he lacks confidence in himself at times possibly. I think if anyone scores for us today it will be him... Playing against his former club and all that.
  23. I presume it would covered as part of the application. The mandate is to join and be an integral part of the Pyramid and not a standalone organisation.
  24. I'm pretty sure anyone who leaves will not be going to have a team in sjfa
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