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  2. The substitute seems a bit of a dick tbh
  3. Both teams to score, Saints win.
  4. So now they intend having a West of Scotland Junior League and also a West of Scotland Senior League both hoping to feed into the Lowland League. One of them is guaranteed to feed into the Lowland League and the other is hopeful of doing so by threatening legal action. Do they not remember how that worked out in the East two years ago?
  5. Was thinking of finishing off the ten or so grounds in the Scottish leagues next season that I haven’t been to yet. Low’s return confirms it, since I won’t be at Firhill under her reign. Still can’t get over the lunacy of this. We’ll have no club left to support within the next couple of years, going by her previous financial performance.
  6. I've seen mention his overall financial record at Dundee is a ~£7m loss.
  7. It's crazy that any Junior club making a decision about their future, something that will effect future generations, hasn't contacted the LL/EoS, through the channels quoted, to at least get information about their WoS proposals. Plus, also the views of at least one former Junior club that joined the EoS... Crazy...
  8. The NCL falls under the NoSFA, so Nairn, Forres, Lossie, Strathspey and Rothes are arguably in its catchment as well. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_of_Scotland_Football_Association
  9. More like the post apocalyptic junior world "The year is 2013" , only seven years out.
  10. Fucking hell. This is the level of brain-dead chat you'd expect in cup thread versus a Junior side. Awful.
  11. I don't get this meaningless games argument put out to argue against a larger league. I'm a County fan and every Ross County game means something to me, it might not to supporters of other clubs but if i can't attend a game, I'm a season ticket holder so go to most home games and a few away games, I'm always looking for ways to hear how the match is going (usually poorly but I try to be optimistic). It doesn't matter where County are in the league, the game matters. Bring on a 16 team league in my opinion.
  12. Are you on Twitter? Messaging her direct might get you a ticket, or get your mate to phone up? It's a bit shite as it seems impossible to actually get put on the database.
  13. Tbf, The Fiend doesn't talk, so surely the best way to tell Cena he wants a match is to point at the sign? Am I missing something here?
  14. I'd rather make my own mind up as to where my moral compass sits but thanks anyway. Can't wait to get back talking about football though.
  15. Just loving the meltdown. I can't believe that the WRSJFA haven't looked into the full implications of their course of action.
  16. Ah yes, the former Kilmarnock chairman who was widely derided by our support and run out of the club by the fans about 5 years ago? That's definitely the same as the Dundee fans fawning over "Nelmsy" despite him being a consistent failure.
  17. Are you still going? Be sure to wear a completely ineffective paper mask. I’d imagine most of the places you’d want to go would be closed.
  18. I very much have a good feeling about tonight. 4-3 Dons AET imo
  19. Absolutely stunned at WATTOO being a "yer da" type bigot. Not as if he's done this dozens of times before. No sir
  20. Listened to the Livi podcast, felt weird hearing such praise being dished out to our club/players/management team, not used to anyone giving us the slightest bit of notice let alone saying anything nice about us. Brought back down to earth at the end with the chat about bigger clubs should be taking Holt and Martindale, think the latter has a lot invested with Livi and wouldn't be interested in going anywhere. Hoping Holt stick around for another season too, it is good having a bit of stability from one season to the next, although we did well replacing Hoppy, it was still a bit bumpy to start the pre season with a new manager, then changing to another manager two games into the league campaign. Things have gone a lot smoother this season when we had the same management team from last season, even though they had a big change over in players, they had the time to plan ahead and replace them with good quality players that have worked out even better than last season. Not sure what the dynamic is between Holt & Martindale, but it wasn't working with Kenny Miller, so it isn't just a case of bringing anyone in to work alongside Martindale. Anyway, decent effort, and you were right about you being a fucking jinx when you do a feature on a team, we lost against County, and got knocked out the cup by ICT, so don't be in a rush to do another podcast about Livi, cheers.
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