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  2. I'd get Kerr in as manager with Miller and Baird as player coaches. 3 experiencd players capable of playing a good chunk of football and would have good contacts within Scotland which would help build a team. I'd punt every single one of our current team apart from Robson who is the only one who seems to care ( not including loan players in that).
  3. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Jesus. We KNOW O'Hara is shite in League 1
  4. The Hibernian Thread

    Wish we'd done similar with the likes of Dave Mackay. Having respected legends at the club shouldn't be understated, their influence can be massive.
  5. Stenhousemuir FC - The Warriors - The 2018/19 Thread

    I fancy you boys to do the business in the play-offs Clyde are playing very well at the moment and probably have been the best side in League 2 this season. They play good football and there are a few players who could easily make the step up into this division. I know every team will be keen to win promotion/remain in the league but their points deduction probably gives them an extra incentive to make it through the play-offs. If we do make it to the play-off final, I'd much prefer it to be against Edinburgh City.
  6. Premier League 2018-19

    Post your ticket from yesterday Rab
  7. Hartley, Cadden, Johnson, Sammon all starting for the Reserves today.
  8. Ah not good at all hope all is well
  9. Premier League 2018-19

  10. Next Scotland Manager

    Why not? if its basically about building a happy camp, she can do this.
  11. Old Firm Colts in L2

    Didn't take long for The CEO to adopt the establishment principles, if that's the case.
  12. The New MILF Thread

    Is that the one Hastings shagging? She looks better in these pics
  13. Good effort from the Killie lads here to prevent the Clarke love train smashing through the buffers and right out of the station.
  14. Premier League 2018-19

    Perfectly put.
  15. Premier League 2018-19

    Does he not go BU ?
  16. New kits for 19/20 (Celtic, Liverpool, Barnet)

    Oooooft, thats some absolute seethe there for a man who "couldn't care less about them". Will be sure to give you even more now sweetheart.
  17. Premier League 2018-19

    I do go mate. I’m not posting pictures though. To weird.
  18. Music Chinese Whispers

    Kraftwerk - Autobahn
  19. The Hibernian Thread

    http://www.hibernianfc.co.uk/news/9903 FOUR year deals for Sir David Gray and Darren McGregor. Once ready to hang up their playing boots, they will transition into coaching. Delighted. Two model professionals who have been crucial in rebuilding our club and bleed Green & White. Sir David is only 30, so has a whole load of football left in him. Great move by the club and shows real respect for two modern day legends (well...Sir David being an all-time legend).
  20. 1-does anyone care about this game. 2-will any Dundee fans attend. 3-will Dundee put in a spineless display. 4-will McIntyre talk shite. Motherwell 3 Dundee 0
  21. Other Leagues 15/16

    And celebrate with the standard Greek pyro party. https://twitter.com/shumansko/status/1120040078410227713 https://twitter.com/official433/status/1120019389565345792
  22. Premier League 2018-19

  23. Karamoko Dembele

    The case of Bosman wasn't really the norm though, was it? You're right in respect of that case highlighting what could happen but in most cases a fee was agreed or a tribunal would set the fee. He biggest beneficiaries from the ruling has been far and away player agents......money that leaves the game completely.
  24. Thistle fans seem awfully delighted that Moore and Shankland are out considering Moore has 4 goals all season and Shankland has barely scored from open play since December.
  25. Line of Duty.

    Did Corbett's Irish parents possibly have some dealings with Hastings' family back in Ireland??
  26. New kits for 19/20 (Celtic, Liverpool, Barnet)

    You've just proved that you are another of the sad red dotting fuds. Like to dish out but can't take it. Pathetic wee wean!
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