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  2. A soft pass might be more appropriate.
  3. The Lurkers-Little old wine drinker me
  4. The current list of 33 clubs that propose to join the WoSFL: 1. Clydebank (SJFA West Region Premiership) 2. Kilwinning Rangers (SJFA West Region Premiership) 3. Rutherglen Glencairn (SJFA West Region Premiership) 4. Bellshill Athletic (SJFA West League One) 5. Drumchapel United (Central Scottish Amateur Premier Division) 6. Neilston Juniors (SJFA West Region Championship) 7. Maryhill (SJFA West League One) 8. Kello Rovers (SJFA West League One) 9. Blantyre Victoria (SJFA West Region Championship) 10. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy (SJFA West Region Premiership) 11. Vale of Clyde (SJFA West League Two) 12. Renfrew (SJFA West Region Championship) 13. Royal Albert (SJFA West League One) 14. Arthurlie (SJFA West Region Championship) 15. Newmains United (SJFA West League Two) 16. Kilsyth Rangers (SJFA West Region Championship) 17. Whitletts Victoria (SJFA West Region Championship) 18. Gartcairn Juniors (SJFA West Region Championship) 19. Cambuslang Rangers (SJFA West Region Championship) 20. Cumbernauld United (SJFA West Region Championship) 21. Glasgow Perthshire (SJFA West League One) 22. Ashfield (SJFA West League Two) 23. Petershill (SJFA West Region Championship) 24. Greenock Juniors (SJFA West League One) 25. Larkhall Thistle (SJFA West League One) 26. Port Glasgow Juniors (SJFA West League One) 27. Pollok (SJFA West Region Premiership) 28. Darvel Juniors (SJFA West Region Championship) 29. Vale of Leven (SJFA West League Two) 30. Glenafton Athletic (SJFA West Region Premiership) 31. Johnstone Burgh (SJFA West League Two) 32. Auchinleck Talbot (SJFA West Region Premiership) 33. Largs Thistle (SJFA West Region Premiership) 34. Kilbirnie Ladeside (SJFA West Region Premiership) 35. Troon (SJFA West Region Premiership) 36. Irvine Meadow XI (SJFA West Region Premiership) 37. Beith Juniors (SJFA West Region Premiership) 38. Shotts Bon Accord (SJFA West Region Championship) SJFA West Region Premiership (12 clubs) Auchinleck Talbot; Beith Juniors; Benburb; Clydebank; Cumnock Juniors; Glenafton Athletic; Hurlford United; Irvine Meadow; Kilbirnie Ladeside; Kilwinning Rangers; Kirkintilloch Rob Roy; Largs Thistle; Pollok; Rossvale; Rutherglen Glencairn; Troon SJFA West Region Championship (12 clubs) Arthurlie; Blantyre Victoria; Cambuslang Rangers; Craigmark Burntonians; Cumbernauld United; Dalry Thistle; Darvel Juniors; Gartcairn Juniors; Irvine Victoria; Kilsyth Rangers; Neilston Juniors; Petershill; Renfrew; Shotts Bon Accord; St Roch's; Whitletts Victoria SJFA West Region League One (8 clubs) Ardrossan Winton Rovers; Bellshill Athletic; Carluke Rovers; East Kilbride Thistle; Girvan; Glasgow Perthshire; Greenock Juniors; Kello Rovers; Lanark United; Larkhall Thistle; Lesmahagow; Maryhill; Port Glasgow; Royal Albert; Shettleston; Wishaw Juniors SJFA West Region League Two (5 clubs) Annbank United; Ardeer Thistle; Ashfield; Forth Wanderers; Johnstone Burgh; Lugar Boswell Thistle; Maybole Juniors; Muirkirk Juniors; Newmains United; Saltcoats Victoria; St Anthony's; Thorniewood United; Vale of Clyde; Vale of Leven; Yoker Athletic South of Scotland League (0 clubs) Abbey Vale; Bonnyton Thistle; Caledonian Braves Res; Creetown; Heston Rovers; Lochar Thistle; Lochmaben; Mid-Annandale; Newton Stewart; Nithsdale Wanderers; St Cuthbert Wanderers; Stranraer Res; Threave Rovers; Upper Annandale; Wigtown & Bladnoch Amateurs (1 club) Drumchapel United PYM; Glasgow University; Oban Saints; Strathclyde University More applicants to follow to be added to the growing list! Awaiting official announcement from Kilbirnie Ladeside.
  5. Dave

    FIFA 20

    I got Sirigu from that which is at least an 84 I haven't seen before.
  6. I had a pie at a midweek Saints game in Brechin many moons ago. It was early March and freezing. Bit into the pie and the grease literally flowed out. It splashed onto the crush barrier and it was that cold it formed solid hanging icicles of grease. Put me off fitba pies for pretty much life, think I've had 2 or 3 only since that night.
  7. 2 steak and 2 mince from the butchers. Getting kept for the next week or so.
  8. Even during doomsday the munters on the last page are a hard pass.
  9. The graphic is very helpful, particularly for folk who don't know much about the non-league structure in Scotland. They've got the number of teams /games in the Highland and EoS wrong. Minor thing though.
  10. Think they were, there were at least 2 proposals from what I remember, with the club's involved being asked to join together and they then came up with the one that was adopted.
  11. Apart from Celtic none of the teams mentioned will be able to afford to take legal action There,ll be will winners and losers no matter how it pans out
  12. It’s mental that your average internet porn nurse is considerably less attractive than one you’d find munching an ill c**t’s stolen Quality Street in a ward at the Monklands.
  13. He does like the des Lawson approach to humour. You're right about every thing having a shelf life. If he mentions paul daniels saving him again, it should be stopped. He might not always come back with a fantastic line, but he is very quick witted. I don't know anyone in the Scottish media who has his ability to give it back as quick. Off topic a wee bit dont you think that sport scene is past it with the current lot? It might be a bit early for them, but I'd rather see the guys from view from the terrace start doing the main radio Scotland show on a Saturday. Maybe not ready for it yet, but got to be better than 'biscuits' etc. I'd rather replace those on sportcene than get rid of off the ball.
  14. Is the Relive The Season just all the highlights mashed together or is there other content?
  15. IIRC did the proposal not originally come from St. Anthony's, and it did mention the fact that Central clubs could drop 2 levels away from the Super First, while the Ayrshire clubs could only ever drop 1 level from there? I think Whitletts were very active in pushing the proposal.
  16. And the folk who peel the tatties so chips can get delivered. Priorities...
  17. Apologies if this has been covered on here or another thread, but I'd just like to ask a furlough question. Company I work for would qualify for the scheme, can remain partially open, (no retail counter now) but business is going to fall to the point where they'd be making a massive loss on a weekly basis. Our normal staffing level of about ten, could easily be cut to 3 or 4. They will not cease trading or go bust, so why are they not offering to furlough employees? Can they legally make redundancies?
  18. I don’t believe this is an orchestrated conspiracy but I think you would be incredibly naive to think that they aren’t unscrupulous governments/groups/individuals looking very closely indeed at the lockdown procedures.
  19. Forget the virus, I hope she's managing to fend off creepily obsessed weirdos like yourself.
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