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  2. Worrying that we lost 3 goals ☹️ our performance on Saturday was woeful to say the least. City looked physically stronger and never gave us a minute on the ball, which left us punting long balls that ultimately ended up being taken from us. The ref allowed a hard fought game, and we were second best in it. That was a great learning curve for us on Saturday, let’s hope that we can take the lesson and improve from it.
  3. Yes, saving the club quite a bit of money. Can’t mind name of company but there office used to be down loganbarns. Croma?
  4. Where in this cursed lands do people call them anything other than earwigs
  5. If he'd putted better the first 2 or 3 days he'd have been at least level with Lowry going into the final round. It shows how good he's become that he could hardly buy a putt and still finish 4th. Considering his attitude to regular tour events it'll be interesting to see how much he features on leaderboards for the rest of the year. With such a long wait until the next major I think he'll lose focus a bit.
  6. Former Wimbledon Men’s Doubles Champion, Peter McNamara. Game, set and match at 64. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-07-22/peter-mcnamara-australian-tennis-great-dies-aged-64/11330078?section=sport
  7. ^^ That’s almost as good as a confession of guilt
  8. Today
  9. I'm up all night sometimes. It's lonely. 🙁 Here's a thread. ❤️
  10. So he didn't get decked by Jiroemon Kimura because he's in solitary, which is a death sentence because of all the Muslims. Please send money. 😂😂😂😂
  11. This thread is an interesting read for a couple of reasons. The first thing that sticks out to me is the differing views on what sport fundamentally is. I view sport as something that inherently contains competition and should basically be a level playing field as much as possible. It's interesting that so many of the posters on this thread seem to have no problem with the concept of an uneven playing field and I think this is a clear consequence of the constant hammering home of the celebrity propaganda of the 21st Century. BIG CLUBS ARE GOOD. BIG CLUBS DESERVE TO BE GOOD. BIG CLUBS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN GOOD. BIG CLUBS WILL ALWAYS BE GOOD. BIG CLUBS DESERVE TO ALWAYS BE GOOD. NOW PAY FOR SKY, SIT DOWN AND WATCH THE BIG CLUBS ON TV. BIG CLUBS ARE RICH. IT IS RIGHT THAT BIG CLUBS ARE RICH. It's no surprise that football, having fallen into the hands of the media industry, should come to reflect the broader values of the early 21st century. We embrace individualism and the (ridiculous) idea that anybody can 'make it' so those who do make it deserve it and those who don't make it deserve that too. The same logic that tells the Eton and Oxbridge-educated son of a millionaire that his success in life is down to his own qualities is what informs how the public at large look at football: It's right that there should be four English teams in the Champions League every year because they are so good. And it's fair that they are kept apart from each other in the draw because we want the good teams to stay in the competition, that's just sensible. And it's right that they should make more money than the others from this process, money they can spend on players to become better, which justifies their four places etc etc etc ... And obviously Scotland is just a scaled-down version of that. We receive constant propaganda from Sportsound, Radio Clyde, The Herald, The Record etc about how obviously it's good to support all the Scottish teams in Europe because obviously it's good if they all do well. Especially in the Champions League, because it's obviously so wonderful for Scotland to be represented 'at the top table'. It's obviously right that Celtic make an absolute fortune from European football and take an over-sized chunk of the domestic tv deal. This is demonstrably bullshit. It is clearly harmful to our game if Celtic or Rangers qualify for the Champions League. From the first time a Scottish club competed in the Champions League (1992-93) until the end of the 2010-11 season, the Old Firm competed in the Champions League group stages 13 times. In that period, non-Old Firm clubs won a grand total of 9 trophies. That's 0.47 non-OF trophies a season, down from 1.2 per season in the decade before the Champions League. From 2011-12 to 2015-16 non-OF clubs won eight trophies. That's 1.6 per season. And how did that happen? Obviously, Rangers going away made a huge difference. But the 2011-12 season was Celtic's third consecutive year with no Champions League group stage football. Rangers had played in it more recently, but were in meltdown. So Scotland didn't have anyone loaded up with Champions League cash. Scotland had never had a situation where nobody had had Champions League cash for three straight years. For the first time in the Champions League era, both Scottish domestic cups were won by non-Old Firm sides. Celtic finally made it back into the group stages in 2012-13, for the first time in four seasons. Three years of nobody in the league (Rangers had died by now) raking in Champions League cash. Three out of four cup finalists were non-Old Firm and again the following season both domestic cups went to non-Old Firm sides. Indeed, all four cup finalists were non-Old Firm sides. But Celtic made it to the group stages again in that 2013-14 season. The party was ending. Celtic, wisely, sat on that money (according to UEFA, 17m Euro before gates etc for 2013-14 alone) for a bit with a view to Rangers' promotion and added to it by reaching the Europa League group stages in each of the next two seasons. Then they spent a fortune hiring Brendan Rodgers and went shopping. Nobody else has won anything since. It seems that the base fee for Celtic getting to the Champions League group stages this season would be 13m pounds. A supporter of any other Scottish club would need to be utterly insane to want that to happen. The 'get your house in order' stuff that we hear from some Celtic-minded people (those of us old enough will remember Rangers fans saying exactly the same in the 90s) is up there with our millionaire's son mentioned earlier taking the view that an unemployed guy born to drug addict parents in a deprived area of a poor city should somehow work harder to improve his lot. Despite the vast majority of the Old Firm's appearances in the Champions League ending in failure - not to mention occasional humiliation - they are staggeringly well rewarded for this. There is no reason for anybody to want them to succeed. Scottish football gets more interesting, the stats say about three times as interesting, when the Old Firm don't do well in Europe. And this brings us back to what you think sport should be. The money from European football means that certain clubs are starting the 100m sprint about 70m ahead of everybody else. I see Rangers, Europa League group stagers last season, have just spunked about three million quid on a defender... It astonishes me that any non-OF supporter would consider it a good thing for them to get that level of income again this year. So, in short, relax and hope everyone gets pumped.
  12. Possibly, I dont really care about league position in what’s essentially a meaningless league, but I would care if it went somewhere. Bring it.
  13. Another utterly irrelevant response. Do you think that praising one aspect of an organisation automatically means embracing all aspects of it? Jings.
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