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  2. Terrible. That would have been better if the Spanish word for terrible was something other than terrible.
  3. I walked into Greenock town centre today and it was a surreal experience. Nobody around. No cars. Nothing. There was the odd car before I reached the police station but that was it. Tesco was SLIGHTLY busier than that, but barely anyone there too. My walk was to Gourock and it was DEAD there. Nobody at all. Again, just surreal.
  4. You must remember the Spanish flu outbreak, so what was it like then?
  5. Probably. They have been dismantling the NHS for years.
  6. No call for Dyson? Dodgy as f**k him, backs brexit then moves hq to Singapore, applies for contract to provide respirator machines despite having never made them... And wins. Ok Branson is the fudd paying no tax, got a 20bn NHS contract and still paid no tax and then tried to sue NHS. Tim Martin is a genuine c**t, from brexit to covid I hope his pubs all die. Ashley is a greedy twat but he has Dave king in his pocket and will no doubt end the mighty morphin Glasgow rangers with winning his court cases and costs.
  7. Imagine if this had all happened a few years ago before hi-speed broadband, multi-channel TV, social media, etc. It would have been even more boring and far more difficult to get essential information distributed.
  8. And this. Before Virus Outbreak, a Cascade of Warnings Went Unheeded
  9. There's a lad of the Falkirk thread with some 'interesting' thoughts about the COVID-19 situation.
  10. Darvel too (see NLS). ….. so now 28.
  11. lok X1 1 howard sameroff (motherwell ) 2 fraser wishart ( motherwell st mirren rangers ) 3 craig cramner ( dumbarton ) 4 geoff curren (arbroath ) 5 stewart auld (clydebank ) 6 bobby collins (celtic everton leeds ) 7 chic charnley ( partick st mirren) 8 sandy stewart ( airdrie hearts ) 9 bob mcphail (rangers ) 10 dougie arnott (motherwell ) 11 robert prytz ( malmo rangers ) give u guys a game
  12. The NHS can only do what the politicians allow them to do. Here's Jeremy Hunt.... https://inews.co.uk/news/health/coronavirus-jeremy-hunt-department-health-personal-protective-equipment-2521180 From reading elsewhere, IIRC, Donald Trump disbanded the US pandemic planning unit in his bonfire of public expenditure. I wonder if the Tories, in effect, did the same ?
  13. The wolf attached to his best pal as usual.
  14. General vibe on Sportsound was that most clubs will be elegible and it covers part and full time players, as its based on a per job basis not per person.
  15. Wardy

    FIFA 20

    Aye but like a difference of 400k or something. 😂
  16. Talbot have already said enough on the matter that we all know they will have already applied. They're smart enough to know where things were going and they get to remain in the Junior Cup. Job done.
  17. Took the wee one a walk today and there was a guy with kids doing football training in the park... some folk just don’t get it
  18. How will the government be able to monitor if players are doing training regimes? Even if they did, how could they prove that they players were given said regime by their club?
  19. Has he actually pulled out? The reports I've read is that it's currently on hold, not that big a shock really considering what's going on. You may well be right about it but luckily its covered for now " Bennett joined the RIFC board in March 2015 as part of the regime change when he invested substantial funds in Rangers. His consistent investment in the club is set to continue, with further funding in the coming months" I can't see any additional investment being in place for next season though, also can't see clubs willing to spend that much on signing players too.
  20. NEWSFLASH! Pollok have just emailed all their members to announce they have applied to the WoSFL!
  21. Absolutely. At a time of unprecedented strain and crisis, it surely wasn't beyond them to think a bit outside the box for once and come to some agreement on a more equitable distribution of income. There's a reasonable argument about clubs at different levels having different levels of need and financial requirement, so it would not be realistic or probably even necessary to be giving say Brechin City £300k. But the disparity is as depressing as it is predictable. But what does Cockwomble care, he'll give not lose any sleep over clubs going to the wall. Simply brings his wet dream of Bigot Colts playing league football ever closer to reality.
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