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  2. I bet you're the type who thinks they're well informed about the world, but has never read through a single piece of literature in their life.
  3. Cool Hand Luke (1967) One of my favourite movies, big George Kennedy's finest hour as 'Dragline'. Just brilliant 10/10
  4. Norway on 8, Iceland on 6, Finland on 3.
  5. And remember this tournament is a bastion of the establishment. They will have more than likely been tipped the wink from circles in the government about how long lockdown will last. My guess. September at the earliest.
  6. Murray like a lot of people is emptying the pockets of a small percentage of his readers. It's not even really a scam as it's completely volantary and all the content is free. You can tell he eggs the pudding to get Mad Nats and conspiracy nuts to kick in but the vast majority of what he writes is accurate. @Londonwell you say he's not an acceptable source but as far as I can tell he's just about the only journalist who reported the defence case (accepted by the jury) in any depth.
  7. With any luck this will be the moment the EPL pops. Very rarely watch it now along with the CL.
  8. Today
  9. I agree with much of this and have said similar previously. How many more Clubs in addition to the existing 22 full timers could potentially be supported by a 14 team tier 1&2 though? Ideally we want to encourage more Clubs going full time but how many are realistic and would this happening recreate the "falling into the abyss" scenario we currently have? Potential FT Clubs: Airdrie? Clyde? Dumbarton? Arbroath? Cove? Stirling? Alloa? I think some of these could be a stretch for going FT tbh.
  10. 4 teams up from each league and no relegation. Next season 3 teams relegated along with the play offs for the fourth team.
  11. Chevy Chase ruined Community for me. An absolutely rancid character. Not even Alison Brie could save it.
  12. A late Calumm Morrison goal clinched second place after three straight wins to close out the season. Partick really took their foot off the gas after clinching the title!
  13. Agree. Series one was good. Aimen is quite clearly, and quite openly, a slippery character. You'd have to be to have lived his life. But it means you always have to read between the lines with what he's saying. The China edition would have been better with someone with else doing it, or at least another voice present. It was basically a waste of time edition of what is a pretty good podcast.
  14. You either call the leagues or null and void them, you don't pick and choose. If you're calling them to give European places then you 'd have to give promotion and relegation to the clubs in those positions otherwise you're recognising Aberdeen finishing 3rd and rewarding them with a Euro place for it but failing to reward Dundee Utd with promotion for winning their league. If we can't finish it's either all leagues are Null and Void or all leagues are settled with current standings or average PPG.
  15. If you weren’t scared enough of getting the virus then be scared you’re going to be sacked. People really need to stay inside.
  16. Same. Aimen starts the China episode with a disclaimer saying he has business interests in China so he clearly has no intention of sticking the boot in. He also gets his information on what is going on in China directly from Chinese officials so I think those versions of events can be chucked straight in the bin.
  17. I was just making a joke based on an earlier comment from Mixu.
  18. https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-52126735 Everyone will be wearing a mask in about 1 month....same as Asia, where the numbers are nowhere near the same as Western countries.
  19. Really fun main event, Omega/Trent was solid too. They’ve done a good job setting up the tournament..
  20. Movie 18 (Kid #2) -- Shrek 7/10. Of course it's a good movie but I've seen it so often that I focus on Mike Meyers shite Scottish accent. Got caught up with Words With Friends, tho.
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