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  2. Yeah ,the guys entitled to consider a move without the constant threat of club punishments , it's up to the club to make sure their players stay happy.
  3. Nah its just another regular poster trying to be naughty.
  4. When you consider Bell, Toshney and Johnstone have had large spells out, Tidser sure was out for a couple of months last season, Gomis been prone to injuries in his latter years and already injured MacClean was out injured at Morton too. When you add In suspensions, one now (Durnan)leaves us no defensive cover. We will have to be very lucky with both injuries and suspensions nevermind player form, where the danger being certain players will know they will start week in week out
  5. The absurdity of it must’ve made me block it out. The inside of your head must be fun.
  6. People should start putting those on the “here bud that’s no a bonk masheen” fence over the River Ness.
  7. The last 20 minutes of every game Aberdeen are winning tells me everything about McInnes.
  8. We dont have reserves. Theres a fair old chance our new striker will be making his debut against you, and I feel like the squad will be desperate to make a point. We could've destroyed County in the first 30 minutes yesterday, if that side turns up with a striker who can actually contribute to chances...
  9. Surely that's to avoid effectively punishing him for considering leaving? Should these potential moves fall through, or he changes his mind then we don't want to give him cause to be disgrunted.
  10. Ooft. Clearly an alias of that NEFarab creep. Still, it's nice to know just how much the Doon Derby broke these losers. Delish.
  11. Paddy Boyle, Dom Thomas , nicky Devlin
  12. Yes, no idea about the type of contract but was for 1 month
  13. I don't think this will affect anyone who could name 5 current players. Those people are fans and they'll make adjustments (and for some, this new system will be an improvement). It's those punters that sometimes go along but don't follow the club closely - and it's difficult to tell how many of those people there are. People go along to games for all different reasons, at all different times. I think there's also a psychological effect though. The fear of technological change is a very real thing for some people, and if you're in two minds about going along then this could put people off. The easiest fix is to get creative with ticket sales from 2:40 - 3:00. Twenty minutes where all hands have to be on deck.
  14. Play the reserves on Saturday? Please?
  15. naebor


    Who u fancy for it![emoji23]
  16. Never read too much into friendlies. Holidays get in the road and maybe that’s why Max pulled out the Dunipace tournament and with players now available fixed up the ‘Big Rose’ game. Only time will tell.
  17. Most clubs rely on volunteers to sell half time draw tickets. Glasgow Clan with a crowd of 3000 still rely on volunteers. Teams outside of the top flight rely on volunteers. That's just the reality of Scottish football.
  18. Is he on a month deal? Skyline Drifter said a couple of weeks ago that players couldn't be signed on a month contract, is it an amateur contract?
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