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  2. It's this sort of thinking that made me believe that e-mail was why the West Region were going rogue from the SJFA. So many clubs are sick of the SJFA - it makes sense that at least one of the regions is equally sick of them
  3. You forgot Agenda items 4 & 5 4: instruct Inverurie, Turiff, Formartine & Strathspey to resign from the Highland League before its AGM 2020, and rejoin the North Junior League (to avoid being sued retrospectively) 5; sue the SPFL for promoting a Cove Rangers into Division 2, on the grounds that they illegally left the North Juniors and joined the HFL, which de facto meant they were not eligible to join, or be promoted within, the pyramid, in the first place. Barking mad !
  4. Leaning out of bedroom windows to smoke cigarettes.
  5. Is it? I refer you to my previous comments about fooling people. "If that's what clubs want" do they? when were they consulted about all of this? You do realise that without the LL, EoS and SoS approval, no other league can be admitted to the play-off for the LL. There is now approaching 40 clubs who have submitted a note of interest to the new WoSFL (not just Junior, and no reserves), there will be a meeting of clubs probably end of next week or early following week. Formal applications will then open. If any of it doesn't sit well, then a club has the right to remain Junior, nobody is forcing them to do anything, but the feedback so far of those intested has been clubs want a change, they want away from the SJFA. Remember it was only a few weeks ago that TJ told PWG that none of his member clubs would be interested in a WoS. Who do you choose to believe?
  6. Fowl play at the esk in musselburgh. The pigeons had nothing to doo with it.
  7. Great chance for Nisbet to show whether he can cut it at a higher level. Hope for his sake that he shows up well.
  8. I can understand this but supporters and clubs won't and will just go with flow and think West Region will get in. Clubs are unaware West Region won't be accepted as a whole and will have to apply to West of Scotland League. Will take the West Region quote at face value. Will need the West of Scotland meeting next week to clear things up with clubs and make them well aware we won't get in to pyramid through West Region. Complete clusterfuck.
  9. Scored a hat trick today. Finished imo.
  10. Most people would consider drainage as part of the pitch, as for “most consider one of the best” I’m 34 years old and have literally never heard this in my life.
  11. FFS can you not just enjoy them getting papped out? The guy did something spur of the moment while celebrating a goal how long ago?If it had been a diddy player lifting the hat you wouldn't bother yer arse.Every feckin scenario that happens you'll find one of youz two trying to get the other one punished in some sort of way. Suppose sectarian hatred just gets you that way.
  12. Small 110 volt "puddle sucker" submersible pumps,can be hired from any plant hire shop,place on top of the cover,and the outlet pipe can be put down a nearby drain,these come supplied with the pump.These are used all the time in the construction/ roofing industry to move unwanted water away ,4 to 6 would be plenty for a pitch.
  13. It was me that asked them to hold fire with any inspection to give me a chance to work on it first. So blame me. That was it at 8am when I went down. Last one was 10.45.
  14. You really don't have a fucking clue. The issue is not the pitch (most pros consider it to be one of the best) but drainage from it.
  15. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11056034/woman-blind-eyeballs-tattooed-black-poland/
  16. Sadly for Junior clubs there is only one organisation that is consistently a shambles, and that's the SJFA I'm afraid. Ask a former Junior club that's now in the EoS if they think the EoS is a shambles. Ask a former Junior club that's now in the LL if they think the LL is a shambles. I think they'd laugh in your face.
  17. Trossard I quite like. March trying to make something happen but dosnt seem to have the finishing touch.
  18. It's made out on social media as a done deal. It's really confusing for normal fans and constantly changing to be honest. You literally can't keep up with developments. Also why shouldn't there be an 18 team tier 6 if what clubs want with 16 plus Bonnyton and Glasgow University. Why a clamour for conferences when could be 12 team league of Lanark, Talbot, Whitletts and BSC reserves in same league....that isn't going to sit well with lot of Junior clubs.
  19. I take it it's the Kieran Maguire PriceOfFootball account that's come from?
  20. I've bad vibes about how this game is going to run for us. We need to win somehow.
  21. Let me think about this. The Lowland League (along with the Eat of Scotland League) are organising a West of Scotland Senior League. This will feed into the Lowland League. The Juniors come along and request the LL change their format to accommodate them. This fails. The Juniors insist it is all in or none in. Talks break down. The West Region sends out an email and hints of legal action. Against who? Then overnight the West Region decides to go it alone and form their own league and hopes to feed into a League they maybe threatening legal action against. We don't know. They won't say. They won't even say if it is legal action. The West Region does all this without consulting any of their member clubs. Of course they'll be accepted into the Pyramid. (Why can I hear Cenk Uygur's voice?) I don't see any problem.
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