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  2. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    Now there's a SURPRISE.
  3. The Champions vs Roaring Raith

    ^^^^^^^^^^ Desperate for praise from the biggest team in the league IMO.
  4. Things you want to share with P&B

    Took an impromptu trip through to the science centre today, was really enjoyable. Lunch was a tad shite mind you. Never mind its beer time.
  5. Leafa

    Why don’t you make the suggestion to the people at your club then
  6. Elgin v Peterhead

    QP a stick-on to win at Hampden against the Bloo Toon. Mind you, we're also going to win at Broadwood next week.....
  7. Notre Dame

    Must leave a bible beside my brother in laws bed next time the c**t is home visiting his parents...
  8. Boxing Thread

    Miller has failed a 2nd test for HGH. Yikes. Hope AJ vs Ortiz can be made. Chisora & Parker seem to be angling for a fight with each other in July. Chisora fighting on the banter card tomorrow which I will absolutely watch .
  9. The Star Wars thread

    Mind when folk thought that, because the hologram of him that Kylo talked to in TFA was big, that he'd be a giant?
  10. Ayr vs Ross County

    He took a knock last week didn’t he? McCall probably just trying to rest a few bodies. No Shankland either, will be interesting to see how miller and moff work together.
  11. Bo'ness history - Day by day

    Paul Murphy
  12. Rugby - Union And League

    Backing Toulouse to win it from here, not just as they're a brilliant team going under the radar but also as any Scottish person wanting any of the other 3 to win it is a disgrace.
  13. We should be looking for victories in every game and tomorrow is no different. Away win 2-1.
  14. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Do you know if the Board actually considered the licensing applications last Thursday ? Or did licences get delayed again ? Surely club secretaries are advised by the SFA Board, when/how applicants will be notified ? If not, don't secretaries ask for clarification about the notification timescale, etc ? Surely they are entitled to know this ? For clubs planning ahead, notification is very important for clubs seeking promotion to the Lowland**, and for other clubs seeking entry into the Scottish Cup next season. It is also important for clubs whose application may not have been approved, and who decide to use the appeal mechanism, or alternatively to carry out the required improvements, in time for the next (June ?) Board meeting. Am I missing something about this drawn out saga ? (** yes I know the Lowland League has granted a temporary licence dispensation to EoSL conference promotion candidates, but this shouldn't have been necessary) .
  15. Carlisle United News

    Carlisle beating top of the league Lincoln 1-0. Granted they were reduced to 10 men but so f**k. Ah good win
  16. Ayr vs Ross County

    Michael Rose out, bloody hell.
  17. When will indyref2 happen?

    Agree with this. It would be far easier to make the argument for pulling out of the Union and taking our place in Europe as an independent nation if the rUK is closely aligned to the single market or still a member. The chaos of a hard brexit and the border problems would put people off anymore constitutional havoc, at least until things had settled down, so at least a decade. You can't get around the fact that more of our trade is with rUK than the EU.
  18. Leafa

    It wouldn't bother me to replay the game but I don't make those decisions
  19. Leafa

    If you genuinely don’t have anything to hide why not offer to play the game ? In the spirit of sportsmanship it certainly would go along way to restore Sandys current standing in the association.
  20. Pyramid 2019/2020

    They can joined no bother, but they go in a conference either ON or UNDER the EoS Premier conference... no danger should they be on a par with the new EoS superleague
  21. The Official President Trump thread

    Aye the candidates are basically being micro marketed to certain demographics to ensure that it's all up in the air at the convention. One of the more bizarre candidates is Marianne Williamson who is a Jewish woman pushing for slavery reparations of $500 billion dollars to the descendants of slaves. The focus on reparations is obviously designed to create a wedge in working class voters which will diminish their ability to campaign for realistic policies like $15 minimum wage and Medicare for all. It has also created (minor) division within black America as some black Americans are starting to refer to themselves as "A Descendant Of Slaves" (#ADOS) and arguing that black people descended from post civil war migrants or black people who's families were never slaves in the north don't deserve reparations. It will be a complete and utter clustefuck if this becomes a genuine issue in the primary.
  22. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    I think that’s what everyone would hope to retain. You only have to look at the soulless grounds in the spfl to understand why it puts fans off. I mean ideally i’d like there to be a seated stand (obviously that’s years away) and for it to be a quality ground, but still retain the character its got.
  23. Football League 2018/19 season

    Beat Leeds, please. That would be lovely, even better if we beat the Baggies in the semis on the way. Given a choice though, I'd rather play Derby or Boro seeing as we battered them both home and away.
  24. Having tactically moved from a safe SNP seat to North Perthshire, the vote won't be so close this time [emoji6][emoji16]
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