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  2. I once watched a full 2:44:53 reconstruction of 9/11 with flight simulations, air traffic control audio recordings, TV footage, video camera footage, emergency service recordings etc. from start to finish. Have also watched realtime news footage from one of the American channels from the day and listened to Howard Stern’s show “as it happened” from the day in question. It’s so morbidly fascinating and there’s a weird nostalgia to the news footage. I also watched the Trevor McDonald show where Martin Bashir interviews the Stephen Lawrence suspects as it holds a similar weird nostalgia and fascination.
  3. How many times do you think you've done this?
  4. When I was a kid I pronounced it “Lih-MAGIC” which I still prefer tbqh.
  5. Aye this coming season Brownings is shirt sponsor yes the club is heading in the right direction pity some of there committee ain’t and some of there so called fans
  6. You have my pity. The antibiotics will work in a day or so. On the upside, I had to get a molar surgically removed and it was surprisingly easy. The fact that it got stitched meant there was no 'hole' and no restrictions on eating apart from a degree of care. Doesn't help you in your current strife but there is a rainbow ahead.
  7. Jesus suffering f**k, do folk not proof read things?! What is this shit supposed to mean: It isn’t a surprise that as Heart of Midlothian supporters we feel strongly that the club currently faces demotion to the Scottish Championship. I think we all feel strongly that Hearts have been relegated, because they have been.
  8. You're pals with Detournment ? She's just an opportunistic grifter who's linked to some very shady characters.
  9. So you’ve won nowt you’ve team is only in top league by default ( legal action threat) so you never won the league Blantyre won it and the seasons there was something to play for WON HEHAW Zilch Nowt Zero diddy team full of amateur players your trying to criticise Bonnyton for your a first class walloper
  10. I always like to fall asleep watching or listening to something. It used to be episodes of the Ricky Gervais Show on XFM, now it's usually clips from old US radio shows Ron & Fez or Opie & Anthony.
  11. They’ll need to form a queue behind his own team mates by the sounds of it.
  12. if you watched any of our games YOU WILL KNOW ME as I was actively involved with team
  13. Quite enjoy watching people convertible old buses, ambulances and Van's into top of the range campers, would love to have a bash at it if I had space to work and keep one.
  14. If they have a 14 team league next season, they could may be just play one round of fixtures - a13 Game truncated season.
  15. It's clear you haven't a scooby what "redundancy" means. You can't make a football player redundant if your club still requires football players, so under normal circumstances there is no mechanism to declare redundancy and if you want rid of a player you pay him the compensation agreed in his contract. Right now you have no football games and no prospect of football games, hence your football players are redundant and they are only entitled to redundancy pay as set out in law.
  16. He made his prediction on Bratwurst & Pilsner Deeden Pullen so it doesn't count
  17. As a Falkirk fan I can see your predicament but your outlook will be very different to that of Albion Rovers, or Elgin, or even drop into the lower reaches of the pyramid, ourselves or the Shire. The SFA have put this out today: https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/scottish-fa-approves-conditional-lifting-of-suspension/?rid=14258
  18. All you can do is aim to do something based on the govt plans for coming out of lockdown. That may change either way. We cant just sit and do nothing though till next june.
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