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A-Team Trivia - Pub Car King.

Accountancy - Skyline Drifter.

AC/DC Info - Uberman.

AC/DC Info - Linwood Boab.

African Politics - Izreid.

Airport Security - Kilt.

Alloa Athletic Info - Pencils.

America Knowledge - Dave_Binos.

American Dad Knowledge - The Minertaur

Angling - Squidger.

Annuities - Zahana-Oni.

Art - The Shire Voice Of Reason.

Art - Reynard.

Art Valuating - Reynard.

Art - (Scots, English, Central & Eastern European) 1700-Present. Exhbition, Curation, Criticism, Sale. - Ivo Den Bieman.

Art Music - Mushroom.

Australia Advice - Lando Griffin.

Aviemore - FrazzyAKL.


Band of Brothers Info - Proud To Be A Diamond.

Banjo Playing - Pink Freud.

Banking - Fife Saint.

Bank Loan Advice - Tryfield.

Bar Management - Dave258.

Baseball - Jim Pansy.

Beauty Therapy - Lyn-Marie.

Benefits Info - Stewie Griffin.

Benefits (Unemployed by choice) - H_B.

Biomedical Science - Jimmy85.

Building Problems - Gorilla.

Buses Central Belt - Kyle.

Butchery - John Coughlin.

Butchery - Dave258.

Brasil Information - Capybara.

Breastfeeding Info/Help - HGG.

British Hangmen - CooCootheNoo.

Bruce Springsteen Info - Bibby.


Canada Info - Kenny McKormick.

Canada (Alberta) Info - Badgers Nadgers.

Capital City Help - Centre Stand Hero.

Car Parts/Known faults (Vauxhall/Chevrolet) - Pub Car King.

Cats (Breath Smells) - Mattbairn.

Chinese Culture - Chinese Whisperer.

Civil Engineering - Jordo1872.

Civil Engineering - Wee Well Chick.

Classical Music - Mushroom.

Clinical Research - Pink Freud.

Clinical Waste Issues - Whistle Blower.

Coagulation - Jimmy85.

Cocktails Mixing/Creating - Dave258.

Computing - Jay_7.

Computing - Gaz.

Computing - Xbass Threepwood.

Computing/Coding - Sonofjenova.

Concrete Works - Mozzamozza.

Congo Info - Izreid.

Cooking Etc - Capybara.

Cooking and Cookware - Unleash The Nade.

Corporation Tax - Skyline Drifter.

Cunnilingus Tips - ICTChris.

Czech Republic Related Advice - Breakindecency.


Delivery Advice/Needs - Keithgy.

Diagnosis Murder Knowledge - David W.

Diving, Commercial & Sport - Hey! Ho! Jambo!

DJ-ing - Breakingdecency.

Doctor Who Knowledge - The Doctor.

Downing Street Policy Unit - Izreid.

Drumming - CooCootheNoo.

Drumming - CB_Diamond.

Dunfermline Athletic Info - Revolvingduck.


Edinburgh Navigation - Capybara.

Edinburgh University Info - ThatBoyRonaldo.

Electrical Help - Gorilla.

Electric Suppliers - Nelsjfc.

Electronic Engineering - Renton.

Electronic Music Production - Breakingdecency.

Energy Efficiency - Nelsjfc.

Energy Industry Info - Nelsjfc.

Engineering - BLF.

English Football Championship and Non-League - Ivo Den Bieman.

English Law - Kyle.

Environmental Science - Caleyjaggi.

Essay Writing - McMuffin.

European History: Napoleonic Era to Present Day - Andy_K_97.

Excel Spreadsheets - BLF.

Exotic Pet Advice - Pandinus.


Family Guy Knowledge - The Minertaur.

Family History Research - Endieinreekie.

Film/Media Advice - Dogma.

Financial Advice - BishyTon.

Financial Advice - True_Rover.

Firestarting - Miko.

Fishing - Tryfield.

Flower Arranging - Pink Freud.

Football Finances - Skyline Drifter.

Football Trivia - The Doctor.

Football Trivia - David W.

Football Trivia - Revolvingduck.

Forensic Photography - Unleash The Nade.

Foreplay (Bad) - Iron Mike Python.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air Knowledge - David W.

Friends Knowledge - David W.


Gas Industry Info - Nelsjfc.

Gas Suppliers - Nelsjfc.

General Knowledge - Skyline Drifter.

General Knowledge - Endieinreekie.

Geographical Help - The Minertaur.

Geology - Hedgecutter.

German History (1800-1991) - Enigma.

German Language Help - Reina.

Gilding (Water, Oil) - Reynard.

Gilding Classes - Reynard.

Glasgow Pub/Club Info - Sir Kevin of Kilsyth.

Glasgow University Info - Mushroom.

Glass Cutting - Reynard.

Golf, US & Major Tournaments - Bibby.

Graphic Design - El Gringo.

Grass - RTDee2.

Guitars - Andy_K_97.


Haematology - Jimmy85.

Hair Removal - Lyn-Marie.

Harry Potter - Kyle.

Harry Potter - Flogelsleftpeg.

Herbal Healing - Kilt.

Historical Events - Renton.

Historical Events - VikingTon.

Historical Events - Larsson.

History (Higher etc) - CB_Diamond.

History C. 1800 in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean - Ivo Den Bieman.

Hospitality - Kenny McKormick.

Human Anatomy - SoapMactavish.

Human Resources - Sitheref2409.

Human Resource Management - Addie.


Immigration & Nationality Advice - Kilt.

Income Tax - Skyline Drifter.

Insurance, Car/Home/Travel - We are Perth.

Insurance, Commercial / Business / Liability / Home / Motor / Travel - Monkeyblair


Japan Info - Jim Pansy.

Job Centre Plus Advice - The Phoenix.



Landscape Architecture - J.Todd.

Lawn Bowls - ThatBoyRonaldo.

Liability Claims - Kyle.

Licensing - Berwick-The-Unbeatable.

Literature ( Scots, English, French, Russian) - Ivo Den Bieman.

Lottery Predictions - Tryfield.


Making Gesso - Reynard.

Manchester United Info - VanderDalgarno.

Maori Info - Kiwififer.

Martial Arts - Mo Wonderboy.

Marx Brothers - King Kebab.

Massage - Lyn-Marie.

Match Reporting - David W.

Match Reporting - Sao Paulo.

Mathematics (Standard Grade/Higher) - Exuberant.

Mathematics - David W.

Mathematics - Gaz.

Mathematics - Xbass Threepwood.

Mathematics - True_Rover.

Mathematics - BLF.

Mathematics - ThatBoyRonaldo.

Medical Advice - Ayrgirl.

Medical Law - Pink Freud.

Medical Life Insurance Underwriting - Thundermonkey.

Mexico Knowledge - Gypsy Till I Die.

Mixed Martial Arts - BishyTon.

Morrissey Knowledge - Denji.

Mortgage Info - Fife Saint.

Motivational Skills - The Phoenix.

Motor Racing - CooCootheNoo.

Movie Trivia - King Kebab.

Mr T Trivia - Pub Car King.

Muay Thai - Linwood Boab.

Music Industry - CooCootheNoo.

Music: Industry & Artist Management - Andy_K_97.

Music Theory - Mushroom.


Neighbours - David W.

Nirvana - Miko.

Nose Licking Tips - The Arch.

Nursing - Ayrgirl.


Oasis - Andy_K_97.

Only Fools and Horses Knowledge - David W.

Owning Only One Car - Stuart Dickson.


Pagan/Wiccan Lore - Kilt.

Painting & Decorating - Soti14.

Painting Restoration - Reynard.

Pensions Help - Lovaman Bairn.

Pest Control - Nkomo-A-Gogo.

Philosophy - Dogma.

Photoshopping Tips - Thundermonkey.

Physics - Renton.

Physics - David W.

Physics - BLF.

Physical Education - Muggy.

Piano Playing - David W.

Piano Playing - Mushroom.

Picture Framing - Reynard.

Pizza Info - mhak QOSFC.

Planning Permission Requirements - Gorilla.

Planning Permission Requirements - Nick_BCFC.

Plumbing & Heating - Sao Paulo.

Plastering - Caleyjaggi.

Programme Editing - The Doctor.

Programme Writing - David W.



Radiography - SoapMactavish.

Radiation Physics - SoapMactavish.

Railways Info - Jordo1872.

Rave Music Knowledge - Michael W.

Renewable Energy - Yogi is God.

Rented Accommodation Problems - Gorilla.

Restaurant Management - Dave258.

Rock Music - Linwood Bob.

Rock Music, 90's & 00's - Mushroom.

Roman History - Kilt.

Roughcasting - Caleyjaggi.

Rum Knowledge - Dave258.

Russian Language, History & Culture.

Ryanair Cancellation Policy - The Phoenix.


Sales and Marketing - Unleash The Nade.

Scottish Football Division 1-3 - Ivo Den Bieman.

Scottish History - Endieinreekie.

Scrubs Knowledge - The Minertaur.

Secondary School Education - The Shire Voice Of Reason.

Security Advice - Centre Stand Hero.

Skiing (Canada) - Badgers Nadgers.

Sky.Com, Sky Player, Sky+ Remote Record & Sky Active - Andy C.

Software Development - Ric.

Space Program 1961-1975 (Mercury, Gemini and Apollo) - MarreZ.

Spanish Language Help - Reina.

Special Needs Advice - Dave_Binos.

Spreadsheets - True_Rover.

St Andrews University Advice - Yogi is God.

Steak Preparation - Dave258.

Still Game Info - Proud To Be A Diamond.

Stirling Information - Gorilla.

Stirling University Advice - Enigma.

Stirling University Advice - Xbass Threepwood.

Stirling University Advice - VanderDalgarno.

Structural Engineering - Jordo1872.

Student Finance - Zahana-Oni

Student Loan Advice - Zahana-Oni.


T-Shirt Design - El Gringo.

T-Shirt Making - Thundermonkey.

Teaching - David W.

Telephone Engineering, Business Systems - Bowie 1888.

Tesco - G-Man1985.

The Beatles - Andy_K_97.

The O.C. Knowledge - Russ.

The Stone Roses - Coldojag.

The Verve - Coldojag.

Torchwood Knowledge - The Doctor.

Transfusion - Jimmy85.

Travel - Doulikefish.

Tropical Aquariums - Squidger.

Tuba Playing - Mushroom.


Ukraine Info - Milevskiy.

Ukrainian Translation - Milevskiy.

Ulcerative Colitis - Gingapar.

UN Info - Izreid.

USA Politics Info - Jim Pansy.


Vauxhall Spares - Pub Car King.

Visa Advice (New Zealand) - Kiwififer.


Waitrose - ThatBoyRonaldo.

Web Design - El Gringo.

Welsh Football Championship and Non-League - Ivo Den Bieman.

Welding & Fabrication - Hey! Ho! Jambo!

Whisky - J.Todd.

White Witchcraft - Kilt.

World Country Capital Cities - Enigma.

World Country Flags - Enigma.

World Country Stats & Facts - Enigma.

Wrestling - Sir Kevin of Kilsyth.

Wrestling - DomDom.

Wrestling - BishyTon.

Writing Skills - The Doctor.

WWII Weapons and Vehicles - Endieinreekie.

WWII, All Info Including Build Up - Sooky.




Zimmer Frame Advice - The Phoenix.

Edited by Andy C

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Ive worked as a chef so i could help in the kitchen dept.

Working in the courier buisness now so i do know Edinburgh etc, not sure if that would be much help.

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I'm a nurse but beware my bedside manner is shit ;)

I have this spot in a rather embarrasing place. If you tell me how to cure it i will cook your dinner.

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I have a degrees in Philosophy and Film / Media Studies......which on reflection probably means I wont be able to help anyone since they only exist in the Matrix :(

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I work for Student Loans Company so any problems with their loan or student finance etc send them my way :D

Also worked in Annuities for a few years so know a thing or two there

Edited by Zahana-Oni

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I suppose I could help folk who need advice regarding problems with their rented accommodation or any building problems including some of the legal stuff that goes with it.

Also got experience working with electronics, and electrical items.

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Michael W - Rave music (Hardcore, Hardstyle etc)

I'm bound to wilt under the pile of questions that will come my way.

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tesco - team leader there so any problems i can try and help

Can you tell me where the pesto is in the Maryhill branch? I can never seem to find it.

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Can you tell me where the pesto is in the Maryhill branch? I can never seem to find it.

Fresh department i presume, ask for assistance if cant find something.

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