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First time I’ve paid to watch a women’s game as The Matildas beat Chile 1-0 at a very chilly Coopers Stadium in Adelaide last night. It had been 34C on Monday but perishing last night. Australia missed a penalty and hit the bar and really should have scored 4 or 5. Largest crowd at a women’s game in Adelaide 10,342, almost 2,000 more than Adelaide United game on Sunday, although I reckon that’s tickets sold rather than people turning up as the weather would have put a few off. Loads of kids at the game and more females than males plus a few hundred Chile fans. There are 12 outlets that I know of selling beer in the stadium. IMG_6148.thumb.jpg.efd8fc08dc9e7671cbb2b3e93625ef5a.jpgIMG_6152.thumb.jpg.c0f2e7ece03680e23601e633e6687336.jpgIMG_6154.thumb.jpg.6c298de3b9def9f8cb95f2f0e659a837.jpgIMG_6160.thumb.jpg.4c7c370558b8f2fbe04257b425c8bb1f.jpgIMG_6161.thumb.jpg.bdff462c244660cf52bfb4c56505deec.jpgIMG_6163.thumb.jpg.22c5e59f7a08a5e88311cd4737e7a193.jpgIMG_6205.thumb.jpg.f8869c0cb27059b522fe769d5be61980.jpgIMG_6231.thumb.jpg.34a19a28f9236ad3b1619e44ef8f366f.jpg


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Upper Annandale 5-2 Dundonald Bluebell in the Lowland Development League at New Tinto Park in Govan.
Bluebell took an early 2-0 lead and looked to be cruising, but Uppers seriously upped their game and ran out fairly convincing winners. Cracking game of football. Special mention to the Uppers number 10, who looks like a real quality player and was on a different level from everyone else on the pitch.

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I visit Bradford quite often. Even though the The Bulls are shite and are now The The Bradford Bulls, there's still loads of interest.
Park Avenue supporters are convinced they are the real team in Bradford and the glory days will return. City seem to be doing their best to get closer to them though.

Horton Park Avenue, Little Horton, adjoining the Cricket Ground was a smashing old ground. Still follow their results from the ‘Horsfall Stadium’ though. Shame what the Bulls (They’ll always be Bradford Northern to me) have gone through too, departing Odsal for a tenancy in Dewsbury 16 miles away. Also remember the excitement of going to see the Bradford Barons (Speedway) and the heady days of the World Stock Car Championship Finals at the Rooley Avenue Stadium.
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1 hour ago, Le Tout P'ti FC said:

At Linton Hotspur v Gala Hotspur, South of Scotland Cup First Round. Crowd is 19, +1 dog.

That dog is a wee p***k. He's burst my wee boys ball once here already, and there's two burst balls behind the goal today so he's been busy. Leather orb munching wee tube.

The pies here are tremendous. IMG_20191116_140757.jpegIMG_20191116_140902.jpegIMG_20191116_141103.jpegIMG_20191116_141629.jpeg

Don't know if it's the same guy, but Linton's keeper is a ****.

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Musselburgh Athletic 2-0 Camelon. 

My first trip to Olivebank despite having lived along the road for almost 2 years.

First half was poor and scrappy with Camelon missing a penalty just before the break. Other than that, it was dire. 2nd half saw Musselburgh play much better stuff and they were fully deserving of the points. 

First goal was a really well taken finish from a tight angle after rounding the keeper. The 2nd, a bullet header from close range which the keeper could do nothing about. Camelon picked up a few bookings too, and one of their players was red carded after the final whistle. Still a timid affair compared to the Under 20 fixture between these 2 last night which saw 3 red cards between both sides.


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On 27/10/2019 at 15:30, Christophe said:

Strathclyde University (1sts) 2-0 Glasgow University (2nds) in the BUCS Scottish Division 2A 





I once played for Glasgow Uni v Strathclyde up there. Pure niggle match, treated like a derby by both sides. Not helped by someone in our dressing room shouting before the game, loud enough to be heard in the home dressing room "Right Glasgow, let's get into these techie b*****ds!"

It was 1-1 at half time and our keeper was injured, so I volunteered to take over in goals. It took about 30 seconds for me to ship an absolutely shite goal. I was so focussed on remembering to act like a goalie I dived for a shot I could have cleared by moving my right foot about 6 inches. Instead, I dived right over the bloody thing like a total moron.

I conceded another three; one good, one not great, one diabolical. My confidence was so shot that my kick-outs were getting shorter and shorter. Someone volunteered to take my goal-kicks. Strathclyde were shooting from everywhere in classic dodgy keeper style. None of my team-mates could look at me afterwards and I didn't go into uni the next day because I wanted to hide under the bed.

In fairness, we were defending a whole lot better when I was at centre half...

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3 hours ago, GordonS said:

took about 30 seconds for me to ship an absolutely shite goal. I was so focussed on remembering to act like a goalie I dived for a shot I could have cleared by moving my right foot about 6 inches. Instead, I dived right over the bloody thing like a total moron


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15 hours ago, ArabAuslander said:

We go live to @Marten at Full Time

After the game I spoke to some Northern Ireland fans who were surprised that The Netherlands were just grinding out a draw in the second half and why we were so happy with it. When I explained that after missing the last 2 tournaments we only cared about getting (at least) the 1 point that was needed to qualify they understood (surprisingly few of them we spoke to realised we missed 2 tournaments in a row).

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