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2 hours ago, yogisbairns said:

It is indeed Rab. Heading down on my own and have my mate dad's season ticket. John MacNeil is meeting up with me, as he has an away ticket with Palace.

Ah great stuff Yogi thought you might be meeting up with John - enjoy 👍

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On 01/09/2019 at 17:03, Nold said:

Sorry if this has been mentioned before. Does anyone have any tips or particular sites they recommend for getting tickets for Premiership games, specifically ManUtd in this instance? Looking to get a pair of tickets for a mate's birthday.

Season tickets used to get "rented" out on Viagogo with the backing of Manchester United, but I think that agreement ended last season. There is still a "rental" market though but you'll need to search around the web to find them. 

A better bet would be to go to one of the Manchester United matches in the Europa League. They are much easier to get tickets for without membership. 

Clubs like Newcastle, Burnley and Manchester City seldom sell out for any of their lower category matches. 

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Dundonald Bluebells U20 2 - 1 Blackburn Utd U20. Att 60.

Moorside Park was the only ground in the EoS Premier I hadn't been to, and with no date scheduled for Linlithgow's visit I thought I'd take this one in. I was struck again by the size of crowd for an L&EoS U20 match - more than you generally get for Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts reserve league games. The floodlights are on very short poles, giving an effect not far off parking cars around the pitch and using their headlights. A proper wee ground with cantilevered cover. Kick off time was listed as 8pm but it kicked off at 7.45 - I'm lucky I was early, I'm normally walking into games after they've started. Oh aye, there was football, nothing to report but a lot of running very fast and shouting angrily. At half time you could hear the Blackburn coach losing his shit at his players over not winning second balls, as though that was why they a goal down. Technique schmechnique.

A better evening than watching the news.


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On 03/09/2019 at 11:10, The Mantis said:

I find the Groundhopper app unbeatable for trips to unknown cities. You can see all the grounds on the map and check fixtures from there, and the times and dates are usually accurate. Then you can check the details on the club website or the likes of Soccerway.


how far down the divisions does it go?for example,if I was in Glasgow would it do everything from celtic to the lowest junior level locally or,say,league 2?

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36 minutes ago, highlandcowden said:

how far down the divisions does it go?for example,if I was in Glasgow would it do everything from celtic to the lowest junior level locally or,say,league 2?

It goes as far down as West Championship but there’s a section called ‘other clubs’. If a club gets promoted this season they’ll automatically go in at the summer update. They never remove clubs. There’s also a long section called ‘other grounds’ which includes some lower league stuff like Lanark and demolished grounds.

In the east it does the whole official pyramid plus the Superleagues and premiers. In the north it’s the Super plus NCL. The two Norwegian guys who run it are brand new, pretty good at answering emails. Amazing how much Scottish stuff is in there as they obviously have their work cut out with all the German and English stuff.

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Went on a sort of lads holiday to the Netherlands last weekend, and took in a couple Eredivisie games while there.

The first was in The Hague to watch ADO Den Haag vs. VVV-Venlo. Great atmosphere, Den Haag fans were very passionate throughout the game. If only the game held up to their standard... first half was pish, completely uninteresting until Den Haag scored just before HT. 2nd half picked up a bit, with more exciting play, a sending off for Venlo and a bust-up, but didn't fully liven up. Still was an enjoyable experience though, the Den Haag fans were plenty of fun before, during, and after the game.




The game on Sunday required us to travel to the lovely Arnhem to watch Vitesse vs. AZ Alkmaar. Nice big stadium and got pitch-side to watch what was a much more energetic game. AZ scored a contentious penalty, followed by another bust-up and a late first half equaliser by Vitesse (that was lovely tbf). 2nd half slowed the pace down, but the game had a weird ending. Vitesse get a penalty from a blatant handball, AZ keeper saves but Vitesse score rebound, ref whistles for penalty to be retaken (goalie's for came off his line), and Vitesse scored the retaken pen to go top of the league. Better game, better ground, just a shame the fans were not as passionate.



Still was an enjoyable couple of games to take in, and got to tour the Amsterdam ArenA too. Lovely environs to help me forget about the derby game lol.

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Heading to Bonnyrigg v BSC in the lowland league today. 

ETA:  Finished 3–1 to BSC. BSC were better team in first half and deserved to be 2-0 up at half time. Bonnyrigg were much better in second half and missed glorious chance to get it back to 2-1 just before BSC got 3rd. Good crowd at the game and a decent pie. Enjoyable day out all round.




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Upper Annandale 4 St Cuthbert Wanderers 0 HT. South of Scotland League.


Absolutely glorious day here in Moffat.


The ground is basically the playing fields of Moffat Academy with a rope flung around it. £2 to get in.


The home team should be about five up by now, which has surprised me as this was 7th v 6th.


Crowd is about 45, most of whom are standing along the long jump runway behind the goal.


Very little not to like about this. Even the strips are cool, it looks like a Turin derby.IMG_20190907_143214.thumb.jpeg.519951c87cd44ab14d9cd0ef2d777463.jpegIMG_20190907_150102.jpeg.33e9fb42a952c0ce562361e345472732.jpegIMG_20190907_150600.jpeg.fbea10dfb0d4a2f9ef42deb4dfeedcae.jpegIMG_20190907_145204.thumb.jpeg.6df6c622578fff40cfc7efe9dd727e5e.jpeg



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3 hours ago, Shanner said:

what would be the best shout between -

  • North Shields
  • Heaton Stannington
  • West Allotment Celtic 

Looking for the biggest crowd / best atmosphere. 



54 minutes ago, Rab B Nesbit said:

@newcastle broon is your man for this one Shanner. 

😂 cheers Rab. 

North Shields yer looking at up to 300 + crowds,decent social club behind goals wi cheap drink. Watch oot for the ultras 😂

Heaton Stannington call themselves Newcastles "friendliest" club and must admit can be just that. Crowds have improved over the past couple of seasons depending if Newcastle Utd are at home but can have up to 150/200 at their games. CAMRA real ale award winners wi decent prices and no too far from city centre. 

West Allotment Celtic have played at Druids Park right by the airport for past couple of seasons and struggle to get crowds beyond 100. 

Hope this helps. 

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