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What Are You Drinking ?

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11 hours ago, Archie McSquackle said:

Jeezy peeps man, a wonderful Wild Wild Westie from Overtone to finish off a great day with a very enjoyable trip to Arbroath. Now, if I could only work out why there's been fireworks going off all night in Glasgow. 


Lunar New Year I'd imagine for the fireworks.

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Normally don’t buy low carb beer but it was on special and not sure if I’ve tried any of their stuff. Anyway it’s Low Carb Hazy from Running With Thieves, South Fremantle, Western Australia. Don’t see the point in saying it’s gluten reduced as if you need gluten free then you’d buy something else. It’s better than I thought it might be but wouldn’t buy again.


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Fired down to Discovery Beers last night after work. They have an excellent selection and I would have got more if it weren't that it's the end of a long January and funds are tight and that I already have quite a lot of beers in the flat.

Anyway, here is my modest haul and I'll probably have them this evening:


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Had this earlier:


As it sounds, a sour beer that tastes like Irn Bru, albeit a knock off version (but pretty close to the real deal). Very nice.

However, just had this:


It's fucking tremendous! Like a slightly sour strawberry ice cream, mixed with some vanilla, drizzled with a sweet strawberry sauce. Excellent stuff!

Also had this:


If you can guess the flavour(s) you might win £250 worth of beer from them. I think it's got a strawberry and mango flavour.

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15 hours ago, Craig fae the Vale said:

Excellent stuff from Beak.


Beak are usually outstanding imo. I have a Beak - Jurgen/Imperial Stout 12% which I'm keeping for a special occasion.

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