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What Are You Drinking ?

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On 08/01/2023 at 08:50, IncomingExile said:

Jamaican Dragon Stout was a favourite when I was living in the (English) Midlands. Can't get it for love nor money anywhere in the South West, and Yodel etc have form for '"losing" mail-order bottles in the past......   

Big Sainsburys have it in.

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Don’t know if Down Down too much of this will make me see Pictures of Matchstick Men or Ice in the Sun. Status Quo Pale Ale from Katoomba’s Mountain Culture Beer Co. Well worth drinking Again and Again and I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it I li-li-like it, li-li-li …



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13 hours ago, Craig fae the Vale said:

Pretty good pilsner from West.


Going to WEST en-route to Celtic Park today, looking forward to their Heidi-Weisse and possibly a Dunkel.

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@Derry Alli and indeed all other Dundee based lads.

That Discovery Beer shop opened yesterday. Haven't been yet but seen their videos on Facebook. Looks like a very good place so will be visiting next week to browse and pick up some cans. They also have a licence for allowing folk to drink inside too.

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Posted another photo of this last week. It's exceptional.


As I mentioned, it was on a clearance sale at Morrisons. Picked up a couple of cans the week before last to give it a taste. Loved it so much when I tried it last Saturday that I went up to Morrisons last week and cleared them out (was £1 a can, there were 7 left in stock).

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