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1 hour ago, Mark Connolly said:

Thought he was awful the entire time he was on. That decision summed up his performance

Yeah. To be fair, I thought Blair's explanation as to why they kicked it out made sense. I'm not sure I agree with it completely, but I could see why they did it.

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4 hours ago, Swarley said:

Is Team GB a permanent thing in the 7s World Series now? 

I don't really follow 7's myself but I believe they operate as part of Olympics qualification only but I can't be sure.  To me a 7's event is just getting dressed up and going for a party lol.

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Price and Dempsey both starting for Glasgow down at the Dragons tomorrow.  This is sensible as it's an important game and Rodney Parade's a tricky, stuffy venue to win at so this experience means we can still be competitive.  Aaron Wainwright and Rio Dyer aren't playing for Dragons which helps.  This could be the team when we go to South Africa for the rearranged Lions game during the weekend of the France away game.

This indicates that Toony sees Price and Dempsey as bench options for Twickers next weekend meaning George Horne and Matt Fagerson will start which is fair enough as they're playing well.  It shows the depth and competition of talent that's growing now which is a good thing in theory.

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A point that stuck out from Sam's interesting thread on luck in rugby, especially in the context of what I routinely overthink on here around what could be called the grand strategy of Townsend's Scotland team. Think it describes pretty well the downsides we've seen since the abandonment of the fastest game in world rugby in that, while you can train a team to be better in tight situations, over the span of multiple seasons luck (and there being teams with more experience of winning things) overtakes that coaching. 

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