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This has ended up being really good. A lot of the guys who didn't turn up last week have played very well. Think it shows its better to start your best pack though, rather than leave them on the bench.

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8 minutes ago, Detournement said:

That was a great result and performance after last week. Dempsey was brilliant and Tom Gordon and McDowall both played the best I've seen them in a while. 

Almost letting Cardiff get a try bonus point was pretty daft but they got away with it.

Tbh Gordon was a total monster before Darge came in and I couldn’t understand how he was so completely sidelined under Wilson. Hopefully Darge is ok but I am guessing 9 months minimum if it is a bad one. He was weirdly calm when it happened 

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Early days but chalk and cheese compared with last season. There's a winning mentality, communication and fitness that wasn't there under Danny Wilson's regime.

After pre season was ripped apart I expected a tough day in Treviso. I saw that game as a real pre season game with the real stuff starting tonight.

We could've been better defensively and Tom Jordan was lucky not to get a red card but they're work ons I'd hope. However their 2nd try was short and the ref missed a couple of Cardiff high tackles.

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Just now, Mark Connolly said:

Will Jordan is absolutely frightening. One of these guys who doesn’t look like he’s moving fast but just cruises away from people

it is his size that does it (6ft 2 and just under 15 st)

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