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The Aussies have out-muscled the Boks AND played attractive rugby. 

As pointed out above, Rennie seems to have unleashed the potential in them that's been hidden for the last 10 years or so. I'm really looking forward to the autumn tests. 


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Have seen more people defending him (games gone soft ect) than agreeing with the red
Madness. Hits him late and when he is off the ground for starters. The only reason he hits him in the chest, which is still marginally high, is because he is off the ground, would have been straight to his head otherwise.
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1 hour ago, honestly united said:

I always felt sorry for Spain after being kicked out the womens 6 nations to allow Italy in, and i think they knocked us out the qualifing last time. As always in rugby the closed shops is the biggest hurdle to growing the game

Everyone has won a game and lost a game thus far so Spain can still qualify as well if they beat Italy on Saturday 

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Did anyone else see the Super 6 game between the Southern Knights and Watsonians?

Honestly, it is one of the best games I've seen in ages, played in the right spirit, with... running rugby!

There were some glorious big hits, there was some great kick chase as well, but used sparingly.  Mostly though, both teams just showed a willingness to keep the ball and try to outflank their opposite number.

What an advert that was for rugby.

Full match is on YouTube as well.  I highly recomend it.



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I saw a bit towards the end but it was pretty much over by then. I went to Boroughmuir-Melrose about 10 days ago, the first time I had seen the latter this season, and they were indeed pretty exciting, showing better offloading skills than any other team I've seen this season. I'm glad to hear Watsonians played some good rugby, they've been effective if uninspiring when I've seen them.

The Knights look well set to win it at the moment but anything could happen in a one-off final. Although far from without its flaws, it is pretty clear that Super 6 is a higher standard than the Premiership was a few years back.

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Unforced errors killing us here. Making things far too easy for Ulster to get field position. We defend ok, it's when we get the ball back that's the issue right now.

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7 minutes ago, Stirlingblue said:

What is this commentators problem. Like Scotland are the only country where a couple of players are born outwith the country.

His biggest problem seems to be the idea that a person who isn't white and has a forigen name could possibly have any Scottish heritage.

A lot of good and a lot of bad in that half. Think we look better since Thompson came on. Brave to go for the try at the end, and glad it came off. Think it was a bit if a physiological blow as well as Ulster were clearly hoping we would just kick it. If we can cut out the daft errors and soft turnovers in the second half we have a chance of a big result here.

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4 minutes ago, Stirlingblue said:

Started both halves very poorly...…hopefully grow into the second half like the first.

Think that might be game over unfortunately.

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