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These two seem to be playing well enough and there have only been a few ropey moments.This could be a great days play.

Root gets his 50 then Ali is out last ball before lunch.

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What a terrible, terrible side England are, it's amazing how quickly they've declined.

They get the perfect pitch and win the toss in this test. Most of the Indians have never seen a green top like that never mind played on one.

Yet England still lose! Worst test side in then world IMO, this will be 10 tests without a win, what a joke.

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Looks like Cook will be staying till the end of the series at least.

Magnificent performance from the Indians after being put in on that surface. Only their second ever victory at HQ.

You really wonder were England go from here. They probably need a Hussain type Captain at the moment at the moment but that sort of leader just doesn't seem to be around.

As has been noted,it's not just the captains fault, the senior players have not been contributing at all.

Set up fantastically for Sunday now. India must be looking forward to some payback after the last couple of series between the teams.

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As well as Root and Ali did for a while, everyone knew that as soon as one wicket fell the arse would fall out of the innings.

The Indian team will have known that too, which takes a bit of the pressure off when you need wickets. As soon as England failed to bowl India out in the first innings for 150ish, this was on the cards.

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Just watching the highlights and it is dreadful stuff. Root and Anderson will keep their place - Ballance and Ali would be unlucky to be dropped but none of the rest could complain if they got emptied.

The worst thing is Sharma is no better than average at this level.

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