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Coupon Bursters

Michael W

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I've an accumulator on that I'll win about 20ish and all results have gone my way except Marseille (2nd in the league) to beat Troyes (rock bottom with only 2 points) which is still 0-0 at 55 mins. Fucking hell, I'll be seething if the most stone cold certain game on the coupon fucks me over!

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Dumbarton, who were 3-2 up in the 89th minute, lost 4-3 and done me out of £280.


Stop greeting. I had worse than that. I had a treble of Elgin, Ross County and Fulham. Paid just over 14/1. All Montroses, Readings and Hearts equalisers were in the 90th minute. I would have preferred a kick in the balls.

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Yes/No coupon on Chelsea game

Will RVP score - Yes

Will there be a red card - Yes

Will someone be in the lead at 35 mins - Yes

Will 4 or more mins be added on at end of game - Yes

3 or more goals in the game - Yes

Odd number of corners - Yes

13 corners from 70th minute until 93rd......Then came along a timewasters 14th corner. RAGING.


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Man Utd's offside goal cost me £600.

But the biggest baw breaker of the weekend was watching the first minute of You Tube highlights of Linlithgow Rose v Musselburgh when you've got a few quid on Ruari MacLennan to score the 1st goal at 12/1 ...

To be fair he did me a turn a fortnight ago when he scored first at 14s so I still owe him drink!

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