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Interesting @alang1993, I assumed that since bet365 have their acca bonus that their odds would be slightly worse than other bookies.

We both have Oxford and Hibs and although Hibs is slightly worse at 1.8, Oxford is actually better at 2.2.

Had I had your odds, and without the acca bonus, my payout would have been £166.23, nearly £30 less.

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Well played. Out of interest, what was the score when you placed the bet?
Put it on at half time so was 4-0 at the time. They had boosted it to 25/1 so just had a go.
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So I logged into my Skybet account thinking I've got £20 for a couple of coupons this weekend, i had a couple of beers last Sunday but I can't remember placing this bet or what my thought process behind it was.......  who cares happy fucking days 😄


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Put a double and 2 singles (£1 ew) on last night for this afternoon at Leopardstown and Musselburgh.  Happy days.  Fire Away in the 2nd race also had a R4 35p deduction, so would've had a bit more.  £500 banked & £14.80 to play with.



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