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Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

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2 hours ago, parsforlife said:

Claty b*****ds who don't clean up their dug shite.

I'm concerned that the poo that I was on way to pick up hasn't been yet owing to falling on way to get it yesterday.

I'll hobble along lane tomorrow and find it as I don't like being that owner!

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On the way out to her work at 7am this morning, my Mrs asked if I could do her a favour and pick up the vacuum cleaner she'd ordered a while back from Currys, which would be ready for collection sometime today. On Christmas Eve, in Dundee's busiest retail park. 

You normally couldn't pay me to go anywhere near there today, but it wasn't a request...

Luckily a text came through at 8:30 saying it was ready to pick up at the store, so being very sensible to beat the rush I headed straight over from Fife before I'd even had breakfast.

Arrived at the store to find that it opens at 10am. Seething. What a ridiculous system.

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Whichever censor working for ITV4 decided to edit the scene in 'The Cowboys' where the kid with the stutter repeatedly calls John Wayne a son of a bitch..... 

I know, there's bigger fish to fry....... but that had me shouting at the telly.


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There's a band or bunch of singers called "Pentatonix". 

The missus had a playlist on earlier and I wanted to shoot myself, her and them. Fucking every song they did they utterly butchered with a rusty kitchen knife before bludgeoning it with a mallet. A fucking atrocity of a musical entity and they should be murdered painfully immediately. 

I hate their voices, I hate the way they gleefully mess up songs, I hate their name and I probably would hate their company and their faces. They're a big bag of w**k.

I've hated 90s Airdrie players less. 

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