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Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

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7 minutes ago, Newbornbairn said:

£8.50 for a bowl of soup! £17.95 for a bit of steak pie! House of Bruar reminding us what the Highland Charge really is.

The only thing that place is good for is stopping for a shite.

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5 minutes ago, TheScarf said:

The only thing that place is good for is stopping for a shite.

It's an absolutely infuriating place.  It's utterly shite - massively overpriced for bog standard food.  It doesn't have enough toilets for it's location.  I've been stood waiting for the baby change to come free for ages.  The only thing it has going for it is that it's got a lot of tables and room which is useful when you are with kids. 

I was there a couple of summers ago when it was a heat wave and there were all these fat bald English tourists buying roast beef dinners and then sitting eating them outside in the b lazing sunshine.  What a farce.

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Their single malt whisky has to be tasted to be believed. Tastes like paraffin. Some distillery has flogged them a whole batch that's stayed too long in a dead barrel.

You can also buy DVDs of people shooting animals on safari in their "sports section"

All the rest of the food is generic shite you can get anywhere.

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47 minutes ago, jamamafegan said:

Folk who sell their vehicles untaxed or SORNed. Are they expecting potential buyers to take it for a test drive illegally? Infuriating.

It's legal to drive an untaxed vehicle to an MOT test but I wouldn't be relying on that defence too much...

Actually there's plenty of cnuts driving about untaxed and uninsured and that's just the ones the polis catch that we know about.

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25 minutes ago, Flybhoy said:

People who refer to a country in Northern Europe as 'Holland'..... fucking no such country, it's called The Netherlands, this annoys me far greater than it should in fairness  

a) 'Holland' immediately conjures up imagery of a wee cheeky-chirpy Lahndahn cock sparra playing annoying boogie-woogie piano......... F*ck. That.

b)'The Netherlands' = Nether Regions = pix of a naked Mary Millington with what appeared to be a coypu in her lap. 

No, the country presently referred to as 'Holland' or 'The Netherlands' needs to be renamed.

I suggest either 'Doobieland' or '33%BelowSeaLevelLand'.

Thank you.

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16 hours ago, The Skelpit Lug said:

The fish and chip shop in front of the main building was charging £40 for a lobster supper in August.

Was £22 when I stopped other week. I had haddock and chips for £9 which I thought reasonable.

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