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Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

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Who? Motson or Rooney? :unsure:

Motson. Such an arsehole. He never knows anything either. I think that's a corner, I think that's a throw in, I think that was Saha...etc

Just fecking tell us, you're the bloody commentator!

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Guest The Phoenix
Can someone not just call him a cunt?

Doubt he'd want that.

I'm sure he'd prefer a taxi with a p***k in the driver's seat.

Edited by The Phoenix
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Ebay - our car is for sale on ebay at the moment, and it had been on for 12 hours and we had had 8 bids already, with 11 people watching. All was going well until the next time I looked at it, it said "Auction ended - seller has cancelled the auction due to an error in the listing". I certainly bloody well did not. :angry: Have relisted it, but now we've lost all the bids we had. Raging!

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