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Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

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It's because it's the professional one. They did the same last year IIRC.

It doesn't bother me. I do however find it quite funny how bad some of them are. Like hell I'd pay for anything you prepared if that's the best you can do :rolleyes:

ach I know why its done, it just bugs me that they use this third judge for one segment and then discard her for the other two rounds. if they'rs going to do it apprentice styley then she should be about for most of the tasks with greg doing his nick and micky coming in right at the end to go your fired.

some of the food has been I agree shockingly poor -potato and orange I mean WTF?

They never said if it was a clean break but they did say it looked as though it hadn't broken at a "bad angle" if that's a good thing! I just had to ask a neighbor to open a paracetamol bottle because it was one of those push down tops!

This could take some getting used to!

nice little female?

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Exactly. It's a cheap cattle market. :wub:

Besides, the indie room on Thursdays and Sundays owns Red.

A ghetto blaster in Haddows owns Red at the best of times.

Red however, doesn't have anywhere near as big a krimpet factor as Word-Up does hence its much more enjoyable for a nightout.

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