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On a bit of a nostalgic trip tonight...................

"At 37.07 jimi calls for red house to be played in B. noel plays an A on his bass. jimi starts red house in B, ending on a B chord, noel plays an A. hendrix changes the song to A, slowly walking down the A minor blues scale before the band comes in playing red house in A. such an awesome moment, such an interesting band dynamic— whether noel genuinely mistook the song key for A, or whether he refused to play what hendrix wanted; the fact that we get to see that jimi was willing/able to make changes on the fly when his bandmate isn’t doing their job is amazing."

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Saw Monorail bigging up Lucy Dacus a lot on their Twitter, saw one of her LPs in my local record purveyor (Reckless) and took a flyer on it, which I'm really glad I did. Nothing you haven't heard before, country-flecked indie rock., but executed really well. Skip to 4:22 for 'Nonbeliever' which is the pick of the tracks on here IMO


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