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Irish Shame vs Irish Roots

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7 minutes ago, The Other Foot said:

I’ll give them a go, Ewan, and if he changes either his facial expression or his wooden monotone at any point in either movie, I will eat a hairy shite.



Well he is another military man in the former , at least.

" The Quiller Memorandum "


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16 hours ago, Crawford Bridge said:

Nah, it's shite. 

George Lucas is a hack who got lucky. 

The 2000's films prove that, they are hummin'. 

Just has that nostalgic charm, I’m more impressed that he uses the word ‘guff’ as a grown adult. 

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15 hours ago, AJF said:

What The Hell GIF by The Roku Channel

The Great Kafflik meet up crew from the weekend are having a ding dong all arguing about Star Wars. Hibs are claiming they are Yoda as he's the original and Celtic are Baby Yoda  (the tribute act). Popcorn everywhere......

Cry About It GIF by MOODMAN


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