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Gary Lineker

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6 minutes ago, Raven said:


BBC reporting on the rising groundswell of opinion against Mr Lineker. step forward Tory local chairman Ben Obese-Jecty (magnificent names archive for this pish) and, from the other side of the spectrum (eh??) Tim Farron.


The BBC now that Tim Farron will no longer be watching match of the day:



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It's good to see that the BBC are in a tricky position here. Whoever accepts the gig has to be brazen enough to accept they're going to get an absolute ton of shite flung their way.

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When you're angling after the far right media and the likes of Piers Morgan is still calling you fucking morons, you've got to know you've shat the bed:


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1 minute ago, Trogdor said:

Give it to Murty.

Given the shameless self-advertising on Sportsound, it would be a surprise if John Hughes hasn't yet thrown his hat into the ring.  I would happily pay the licence fee just to witness the bewilderment of the English audience.

"Hello, an' welcum tae Match Eh' The Day.  Oan the night's show..."

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