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44 minutes ago, ptfc. 22 said:

With only 10 games of the season left, the title race could be very interesting. I'd say there's still 4,maybe 5 teams that have a shot at winning it! 

Still Think it's between QP and Dundee. Think the final game will be the deciding factor.

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Queens Park losing their top goal scorer and still motoring on is the sign of a league winning team imo. Coyle has done a very commendable job considering they were 4th in League One last season. 

Dundee are the only other team that can win it for me but I doubt they’ll put a good enough run together to win it. Bowyer seems to have made it a lot harder for himself at every time by chopping and changing things. Not a great sign in March when a manager doesn’t know his best team. I think Dundee should persevere with him however as he seems to be a decent manager who struggled in the summer to build a squad due to factors outwith his control. 

As for ourselves our title challenge died when we lost against QP. The squad probably was never strong enough to keep the push going especially when we had a couple of important players out injured. We weren’t really able to strengthen significantly in January which was unfortunate but hopefully we can get our shit together and finish in the playoffs. 

Morton, Thistle, Raith and Caley are all shouts for the playoffs but they won’t win it. Out of the four I’d say Morton have the best chance of getting in top four. Similar to us in the respect that they lack quality depth in the squad but their strongest eleven can beat any team. 

Any team winning the league will need a big makeover when they go up. I don’t think there’s a squad in the league with any more than a couple of players capable of comfortably stepping up. 

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I've said all season that Dundee will come through at the end much like Killie did last year but they're leaving it very late.

Last season Killie signed Kyle Lafferty and Ash Taylor in January to give them the push over the line whereas Dundee appear to have to stood still (retaining Robinson their only good move). QP and Morton are stronger than they were at the start of the season and I think QP are now favourites. 

Between those 3 for me, Ayr are trending in the wrong direction and we're not consistent enough, Raith have a moonshot of a chance of winning it if they win every game but they won't. 

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12 minutes ago, johnnydun said:

I love this kind of data because it changes every week.

Absolutely, which is why the larger the simulation the better chance it gets close. This was a decent sized run, so it’s moderately useful.

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1 hour ago, johnnydun said:

Winning the league at a canter is very Old Firmy.

It's more entertaining leaving it till late.

  Hide contents

This is all I have right now.


Clearly connivance at work at Dens to ensure a playoff scudding of the gang down the street. :ph34r:

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Prerty much up to the end of January I was still expecting Queen's Park, Dundee and Partick to pull away and leave the rest of the top 6/7 scrapping for fourth. Come the start of February that had changed to thinking Partick clearly weren't going to pull away and Ayr had built too much of a gap not to finish in the top four. A great month for Morton & Partick later and Ayr's gap is gone again.

Queen's Park are the only side capable of being consistent enough to stop this going to the wire. If they get through this month maintaining a 7 point gap to 3rd it's realistically done for everyone other than Dundee, and you wouldn't bet against Dundee finding themselves further off the pace with Partick and Ayr to come this month.

It's entirely feasible to see a scenario where the head to heads between the teams in 2nd-5th this month see Morton beat Ayr, Ayr beat Dundee, Dundee beat Partick and Partick beat Morton, or some other variation of that where everyone is dropping points. If they all cut each other's throats like that you'd possibly only be needing a low 60s points total to win the league, and that could mean Queen's Park are already only about 15 points away from what they need.

The picture will be much clearer tomorrow night. Queen's Park win then Morton are done, as Ayr & Partick probably are too if they drop points in that scenario. Morton, Ayr and Partick win then the whole thing is wide open, with all three of them right in amongst it and Morton & Ayr then having the chance to go one point off the top with the game in hand on Tuesday night.

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The winners of this league will be the one team who remain completely consistent, waiting for the other contenders to screw up. The above two scenarios (based on the whole season’s often wild, unexpected results) could apply to literally anyone. To me - it’s still therefore absolutely wide open and too close to call. I said on another post that I’ve already been on Amazon ordering my arse-unpuckering device and a ‘nerves of steel’ gift set.

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Wouldn't rule out any of the top 5 right now but teams could easily drop off week to week depending on results.

Morton for example will be right in the mix with a win against QP tomorrow whereas a defeat means we are all but out of it 

Queens park have picked up 8 points in their last 6 games, not exactly Championship winning form so that will need to improve but likewise the chasing pack will need to put runs together to stop them. Morton and Thistle have went on decent runs recently but both will need to repeat that again to stand a chance, not easy.


A certain set of results could mean the league looks like this on Tues night;

Queens Park- 47

Dundee- 46

Morton/Ayr- 46

Ayr/Morton- 43


The league is in for a mental last quarter if that happens.






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Tomorrow’s results could be a real turning point for a few teams. If we beat Morton, I’m confident they’ll have too much to do to make a proper fist of the title. Obviously if they win, they are right in the mix. We haven’t been on any sort of scintillating form of late but I think context is important. Anyone can lose away to Morton and Dundee and it’s what we’ve done against the teams in the bottom half that has allowed us to be top of the league. On paper we have by a considerable distance, the most generous set of fixtures throughout March outwith the Morton encounter. 4 points clear with 4 home games in a row. If you’re a neutral, you’d put your money on us to win this league. But it’s championship and there’s no doubt in my mind it won’t be anywhere near as smooth as I’m hoping for 

I don’t think any team will need to go on a crazy run to win the league. I think around 63-64 points might be enough as everyone will drop points between now and the end of the season

I really do think if we beat Morton tomorrow, we’ll go on and win the league. Unfortunately we’ve looked hopeless against them so far 


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For Morton the next two games will give us a better idea of where we are in the title race.

Are we capable of winning them? Yes we are, but the other teams we face are capable of winning them too.

As usual it's exciting stuff at both ends of the league 

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38 minutes ago, madton said:

Queens park have picked up 8 points in their last 6 games, not exactly Championship winning form so that will need to improve but likewise the chasing pack will need to put runs together to stop them.

It actually is, surprisingly. We've had a few disappointing results but on a points per game basis if everyone replicates their form from the past 6 games for the rest of the season we'd still win the league. I realise that's not how this works in practice though!

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4 hours ago, qpfc said:

I really do think if we beat Morton tomorrow, we’ll go on and win the league. 

I think you’re probably right - and fair play to Queens if you do win it. Tomorrow’s game is absolutely massive for both of us. But depending on how we both do over the next few weeks, maybe still not as potentially massive as the return fixture at Cappielow on April 29th. Who knows? It could be one of those years where the title gets won or lost with the last kick of the last game.

Exciting times. But gut-wrenching ones, too.

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