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Motherwell vs St Johnstone, Wednesday 1 February, 2023

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8 minutes ago, RandomGuy. said:

Im not even sure wheres hes expected to do? Like hes been punted up front and been told to get in behind, yet we're not giving him the ball or playing those types of passes.

He gave the ball away CONSTANTLY. At least 6-7 times 


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Delighted with the 3 points and earlier fears about the formation proved unfounded.

Good performances from all the starting 11, the timing of the goals really taking the wind out of the sails of Motherwell.

Have to say Motherwell maybe made that comfortable as they looked the worst team we’ve seen this season, they didn’t look to have anything at all.

With the players we have we should be miles away from Motherwell, Killie, County and possibly one or two others, but we seem to have these shocking runs in us where one bad result turns into many, which will hinder any chance of top six.

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Dan Phillips is going to stroll to being our player of the year having started about six games by February. He needs a new contract now.

I haven’t watched a game this season where I thought Saints were streets ahead of anybody, but that wasn’t even close. Motherwell didn’t create a single worthwhile opportunity themselves in 90 minutes in a critical game. They’re in big trouble.

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It's been a long time since I've been that comfortable watching a game.

Credit where it's due, well done to the management and players. They got it right...for a change.

Phillips M.O.M. for me. He treads the line of a card many times but got away with it.

Motherwell remind me of us last season. They tried, but nothing went right.

Van Veen falling on his backside when free summed it up.

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Yeah, I went to the game after the new signings came in but I bet you i wont be at the St mirren game on the 15th.

Same old tactics, Same old Lamie and Goss, same old story. But atleast the manager will get so say "we need to do better" again. Think of the positives guys!


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Dan Phillips has a big future ahead of him, I reckon. If Davidson had claimed that he was a better footballer than Ali McCann rather than claiming that Cammy McPherson was a better footballer than Ali McCann, I’d currently be thinking that our intelligent manager might have a point. Alas he didn’t say this and he remains an idiot who didn’t give Phillips regular games until now.

The whole team played well, but Montgomery was also particularly excellent tonight. 

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6 minutes ago, The Real Saints said:

Dan Phillips …. who didn’t give Phillips regular games until now.

He played a few games early on when we were short in midfield and after a decent debut he looked a bit of a liability in the next 2-3 matches and rightly got dropped.  

Pretty sure Davidson said that he didn’t feel Phillips was near ready fitness wise but was forced to play him as we were carrying injuries.

Could argue we’ve waited a bit too long, and he should have started earlier in our losing run, but what we’re seeing from Phillips now in terms of energy and performance level suggests we’ve managed him not too badly.

Stumbling across the Phillips-MacPherson partnership in centre midfield could be the best thing to happen to us this season.  

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10 minutes ago, SJFCtheTeamForMe said:

Delusion. Motherwell commited 50% more fouls. Only team to receive a booking was Motherwell.

Football fans often see something different from reality.  

Motherwell couldn't get near Phillips & MacPherson. Strolled it. 



Well reply to him on Twitter and say that then. No-one in here said it.

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