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Hibernian v Hearts

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Great start and goal by Gino but Hearts have been poor. Too many misplaced passes. It's likes Hibs' pressing has taken us by surprise.

Hibs attitude fine but a severe lack of skill. Agents Porteous and Bushiri doing their jobs for us, so far.

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2 minutes ago, bobbykdy said:

Spookily Michael Stewart then makes exactly the same point I just did. 🙄

On the same wavelength as 'Mikey' Stewart?  Hard lines, chap...

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Just now, Empty It said:

Aye he spun it in a more flattering way for Stevenson though 😂

Fair point, from what I have seen though Stevenson is a solid 7/10 performer most of the time, the team mates 10 years younger than him should be having a long hard look at how the guy applies himself and they might then have a chance of taking his place in the squad.

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Now I’m no footballing expert, but what I am is an expert in the misery of supporting Hibs, and what I fully expect from the second half is an equaliser…followed by two subsequent goals from the Rover drivers. 

Our equaliser will come not from Campbell or Nisbet, but from one of the no marks such as… (looks up a piece of parchment which unrolls in its entirety, onto the desk, over the rug and out the door)… Fish. William Fish. 

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2 minutes ago, accies1874 said:

This is the first game I've seen on Viaplay and the picture quality seems pretty shite? Looks a bit like a game on BT from 10 years ago. 

Same old PremierSports shite repackaged. You can't polish a turd.

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