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Aberdeen v St Johnstone - 8/1/23

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3 minutes ago, Jamie_Beatson said:

We played more open and expansive away at Celtic Park. This is an Aberdeen team who are badly off form in front of a home crowd who could easily be tipped into open revolt if we exerted a bit of pressure. Instead we’ve gone with no intent of trying to do anything in a shape that doesn’t work with the players in it and with players in it who are badly out of form.

Carey and Murphy need hooked for Wotherspoon and Carey immediately with the shape changing with it.

Carey coming off for Spoony then going back on for Murphy is something Atholl Henderson would've been proud of.

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How anyone can be happy about paying for and watching this shite is beyond me, yet there’s still a lot of saints fans who defend this shite. 


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8 minutes ago, Merkland Red said:

Hard to tell what you're trying to do, tbh. Not really interested in attacking but not parking the bus and scrapping for everything like Ross County.

But of a nothing performance.

We want to try and counter so commit players to that and can look open but, as always, we're so stretched because of the stupid formation it takes about 10 minutes for us to get up the park in numbers.

Your shiteness is going to give us at least a point and justify this madness, and we'll be subjected to it for the next 3 months so he can prove a point.

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No changes at half time, probably no changes until Aberdeen score then.

Then we'll get all 5 as we switch to a 4-1-5 formation.

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Gordon looks injured there.

Thankfully we havent frozen out our only reserve CB, to the point on having no cover on the bench rather than have him there, based on one bad game though.

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From the BBC live text updates of todays games:

“Big turn-out to welcome Shinnie
Aberdeen v St Johnstone (15:00)

Tyrone Smith
BBC Scotland at Pittodrie
The Aberdeen fans have certainly bought into the Graeme Shinnie factor. I'm told that his return has added about 1,000 to the expected gate.”

Surely not??? 

Decent player at this level, but he’s hardly what you’d call box office is he?

I have a hard time believing 1,000 folk have woken up today and thought “I know I said I wouldn’t bother going today, but GRAHAM SHINNIE’s back! Take my money!!!” 

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Just desserts. Set up for a 0-0 you don’t deserve anything from a football match. 

Feel for the Saints fans who have travelled up to watch another round of Davidsonball, although I do question their sanity. 

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